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Find the value & worth of the top 25 rarest comic books in the world

For avid comic book collectors and enthusiasts, you will find below the list of the top 25 rare comic books in the world.

This rare comic book price guide presents the latest value of rare comics based on the average valuation of the most reputable comic book price catalogs in the business.

The prices of the comic books listed below are based on a near mint grade of 9.4 and the value indicated is computed from the average of the different pricing provided by trusted authorities such as The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, Wizard, Comics Buyer’s Guide, ComicBase, and other respected online comics price catalogues.

  1. Action Comics 1

This is undisputedly the rarest comic book in the world. Action Comics 1 introduced to the world the superhero: Superman. Published in June 1938, the cover of Action Comics 1 shows Superman in the act of smashing a car against a rock.

There are said to be less than a hundred copies of this most valuable comics that still exist today. It originally sold for 10 cents, but in March 2010, a Very Fine grade (8.5) copy of Action Comics 1 was sold at an auction for $1,500,000.

The estimated near mint Action Comics 1 value today is $2,100,000.

  1. Detective Comics 27

This is the second rarest comics that marked the debut of Batman. Detective Comics 27 shows for the first time the caped mysterious superhero, carrying a bad guy while swinging in the air as two other enemies look on with a gun pointing at the hero.

The cover price of Detective Comics 27 is originally sold for 10¢ in 1939. In February 2010, a copy of the first rare Batman comics was sold for $1,075,000 at an auction.

The estimated near mint Detective Comics 27 value today is $1,650,000.

  1. Superman 1

The popularity of Superman in 1939 was so high that DC Comics decided to publish a comic book of his own. In the summer of 1939, Superman 1 that features the complete story of the superhero’s exploits hit the newsstands.

Sold for 10 cents in 1939, the estimated near mint Superman 1 value today is $550,000.

  1. Marvel Comics #1

Published in October 1939, Human Torch made his premier appearance in Marvel Comics #1. Timely Comics, which was the former name of Marvel Comics, only printed a limited 80,000 copies in October.

All copies were sold out within 2 weeks. Taking advantage of the demand, Timely Comics printed another 800,000 copies in November 1939. So when buying Marvel Comics #1, make sure to look for the October 1939 issue.

The estimated value of an October 1939 issue of a near mint Marvel Comics #1 today is $420,000.

  1. Flash Comics #1

This is one of the legendary rarest comics in the world. Published in January 1940, Flash Comics #1 featured the first appearance of the Flash, but was printed in a very limited number of copies.

On March 12, 2010, a CGC highest graded Flash Comics #1 so far with a Near Mint plus grade (9.6) was sold at an auction for $450,000.

The estimated 9.4 near mint Flash Comics #1 value today is $410,000.

  1. Batman #1

One of the most coveted rare Batman comics is the Batman #1. Just like Superman, after several issues featuring Batman in Detective Comics, the superhero finally got his own comic book series. Batman #1 debuted in April 1940 for a price of 10¢.

The estimated near mint Batman comic #1 value today is $320,000.

  1. All-American Comics #16

The Golden Age Green Lantern made his premier in this highly desirable All-American Comics #16, which was published by DC Comics in July 1940.

With a cover price of 10 cents in 1940, the estimated near mint All-America Comics #16 value today is $290,000.

  1. Detective Comics #1

Since the first publication of the Detective Comics #1 in 1937, this very popular American comic book holds the record as the longest running comics in the world that is still being published today. The success of the Detective Comics #1 also marked a monumental event that subsequently gave DC Comics its present name.

Those reasons mentioned above explain why hardcore fans of DC Comics as well as comic book collectors are trying to procure a copy of the Detective Comics #1.

The estimated near mint Detective Comics #1 value today is $275,000.

  1. Amazing Fantasy 15

This is one of the rarest comic books that first introduced the amazing Spider-Man, a new kind of superhero who is a regular teenager that has the same doubts, insecurity, and problems just like anyone. Amazing Fantasy 15 was published in August 1962.

The estimated near mint Amazing Fantasy 15 value today is $240,000.

  1. Captain America Comics #1

This is one of the top rarest comic books that introduced Captain America to the world. Published almost one year prior to the United States of America’s entry into the Second World War, the cover of Captain America Comics #1 bears the famous drawing of Captain America punching Hitler in the jaw.

The estimated near mint Captain America Comics #1 value today is $185,000.

  1. New Fun Comics 1

New Fun Comics 1 holds the distinction as the first comic book that features all-original material debuts of some comic book characters and most especially of future great comic book artists.

The estimated near mint New Fun Comics 1 value today is $170,000

  1. Whiz Comics #2 (#1)

Famous for featuring Captain Marvel for the first time, Whiz Comics #2 is a rare comic book which is equally known for its confusing number of issue. When the very first issue of Whiz Comics hit the newsstands in February 1940, many comic book buyers were confused to find Whiz Comics #2 without even seeing the previous issue.

Fawcett Comics later explained that the previous issue was an ashcan.

The estimated near mint Whiz Comics #1 value today is $155,000.

  1. Adventure Comics #40

Published in July 1939, Adventure Comics #40 features the first appearance of Sandman, who is considered as one of the Top Comic Book Characters of All Time. The scarcity and awesomeness of Sandman have made Adventure Comics #40 as one the rarest comics and highly collectible comic book in the world.

The estimated near mint Adventure Comics #40 value today is $147,000.

  1. Incredible Hulk comics #1

Debuted in 1962, Incredible Hulk comics 1 introduced the eponymous seventh greatest Marvel Comics character: Incredible Hulk. In November 2009, a CGC graded 9.2 copy of Incredible Hulk comics 1 sold for $125,475 at an auction.

The estimated near mint Incredible Hulk Comics #1 value today is $145,000.

  1. Fantastic Four #1

In 1961, Marvel Comics introduced its first superhero team in Fantastic Four comics #1 featuring the four fantastic superheroes called The Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, and Invisible Girl.

The estimated near mint Fantastic Four comics #1 value today is $142,000.

  1. Showcase 4

Often cited as the best-known comics that marked the start of the Silver Age of Comic Books, Showcase 4 was published by DC Comics in October 1956 that featured the whirlwind adventures of a newer version of the Flash.

The estimated near mint Showcase 4 value today is $118,000.

  1. All-Star Comics #8

In December 1941, Wonder Woman made her memorable premier appearance in All-Star Comics #8. Published by DC Comics, All-Star Comics #8 is ranked by Overstreet as one of the top 20 most valuable Golden Age Comic Books.

The estimated near mint All-Star Comics #8 value today is $91,000.

  1. Archie Comics 1

Generally considered the first teen comics, Archie Comics 1 is one of the rarest comic books in terms of near mint condition and a highly sought Golden Age comics in any grade.

Published in 1942, the estimated near mint Archie Comics 1 value today is $87,000.

  1. Amazing Spider-Man #1

This premier issue debuted in March 1963 after a very positive response of the readers to the first appearance of Spiderman. With the Amazing Spider-Man #1, the most identifiable superhero marked his own solo comic book title that also featured the first Fantastic Four crossover.

The estimated near mint Amazing Spider-Man #1 value today is $85,000.

  1. Human Torch #2 (#1)

Ranked 23rd on Overstreet’s Most Valuable Comic Books of all time, Human Torch #1 featured the adventures of the eponymous Human Torch and the first appearance of his fiery sidekick Toro. Timely Comics intentionally indicated the issue as #2 as the publisher regarded the very first Human Torch as a continuation of Red Raven Comics #1.

  1. Walt Disney Comics and Stories 1

Overstreet called this very rare comic book issue as the most significant animal anthology comic of all time. Walt Disney Comics and Stories 1 is one of the most popular rarest comic book in the world in a near mint condition. This first issue featured two of the most beloved comic characters Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse stories.

The estimated near mint Walt Disney Comics and Stories 1 value today is $78,000.

  1. X-Men 1

Created by comic book great artists Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, The X-Men #1 debuted in September 1963 and introduced to the world another awesome Marvel Comics superhero team: the X-Men and their archenemy Magneto.

The estimated near mint X-Men 1 value today is $77,000.

  1. Zap Comix #1

Highly regarded as the most significant and best-known underground comics of all time, Zap Comix #1 is a monumental work by the satirist cartoonist Robert Crumb. Published in 1968, this is rare comics is famous for depicting ideas not found in mainstream comic books with a caveat on the cover that goes: “For Adult Intellectuals Only”.

The estimated near mint Zap Comix 1 value today is $58,000.

  1. Journey Into Mystery 83

Published in August 1962, Journey Into Mystery 83 featured the first appearance of the Mighty Thor. Created by Jack Kirby, Stan Lee and Larry Lieber, the issue was inspired by Stan Lee’s idea that comic books were the modern day’s version of mythology.

The estimated near mint Journey Into Mystery 83 value today is $54,000.

  1. Cerebus The Aardvark #1

This is another one of the rarest comic books. Cerebus The Aardvark #1 debuted in 1977 with a very limited print run of 2,000 copies. The issue featured the first appearance of Cerebus the Aardvark as he embarked on his epic adventures.

The estimated near mint Cerebus The Aardvark #1 value today is $17,000.

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