How to create comic online

How to create comic online

An easy guide to follow in order to make your own comics in the web

The increasing popularity of web comics has encouraged comic creators and comic aficionados to create their own comic ideas and publish it online.

For centuries the enjoyment of reading comic books, comic strips, and graphic novels inspired both kids and grownups to pursue a career in the same field.

The advent of today’s technology has made it possible even for beginners to launch their comics throughout the web. The presence of various tools and programs on creating comics online has made it easier, faster, and more convenient for comic artists.

Here are two efficient ways on how you can create your online comics:

• Make comics directly from an online comic creator software and website

The process of creating your web comics primarily depends on the site you are using. Below are the general steps to guide you in making your online comics.

  1. Choose a comic creation website; popular ones include and Opt for the site that you find most comfortable to use and fits the needs to create the comics you have in mind.
  2. Once you have located your preferred comic creator site, read their terms and conditions, identify user policies, license agreement, and other related factors before you register.
  3. Familiarize the tools and menus available. Explore, study their uses and learn how you can utilize them for your comic creations.
  4. Finalize the idea for your comics; review the story plot, the characters, as well as the format, design and art you wish to apply.

With web-based comic generators, you can choose custom avatars to dress, color, and design as you like. You can change their expressions, rotate their body positions and scale them to various sizes.

As easy as drag and drop, you can create a scene and manipulate their conversations which will only require you to choose certain objects in the menu.

  1. Given the tools provided by an internet comic program, you can now start your online comics. As was mentioned earlier, the tools may vary from site to site, as well the processes needed to complete and publish your comics on the internet.

• Create your comics traditionally then upload, publish it online

Using traditional means; such as pen and paper or the more advanced gadgets like the scanner and the graphics tablet, this other method of making your online comics consists of the conventional need to layout, write, and draw your comic book before publishing it online.

  1. Brainstorm and decide on the main idea for your comics, this includes the comic characters, setting, etc. Consult trusted references that can guide you how to make comics.

The most basic are as follows:

  • Create your template; determine how many panels you will need for your strip.
  • Start your sketch; position characters and work your way to the background and other objects to enhance your scene.
  • Ink your drawing; trace your drawing with a more prominent shade for a bolder and solid effect.
  • Color your comics, add lighting and shadow effects (this is optional as most comics opt for a simple black and white)
  • Add the speech balloons, texts, and other labels
  1. Work out a comic style you wish to apply, something that you can maintain throughout the creation of your comic book or comic strip. If you want to improve your comics on the computer, graphics editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw can help you enhance your designs.
  2. When you have finalized your comics, you can now look for a web comic host to publish your work. You can try and

With a witty imagination, a unique approach to art, and a trusty online comic creator, almost anyone can now become a comic artist.

An individual who has a strong interest in comic books and the culture surrounding them. Comic books are a form of printed or digital media that combines text and artworks that tell beautiful and interesting stories, often featuring characters with superhuman abilities and adventures. A comic fan, passionate about the medium and collect, read, discuss, and even create comic books.