How to sell your comic books

Collecting comic books is not only a serious and rewarding hobby but is also good business. Read these step by step guide in how to sell comics.

Selling comic books

Step by step guide in how to sell comics

Is your comic book collection piling up? Are you thinking of selling them and earn extra money? Here’s how.

Collecting comic books is not only a serious and rewarding hobby but is also good business.

Depending on the demand and popularity, a comic book either retains or increases its value over the years and can be worth a great deal of money.

Tips in selling comic books

1.) Gather your comic book collection. Carefully check each comics for any signs of dents, wear, tear, and other flaws. The loss and presence of such defects contributes to a comic book’s worth and collectibility.

Make a list of all the comic books you wish to sell. List them down in alphabetical order with specific titles, publisher, issue number and its condition.

2.) Learn how to ascertain your comic book’s condition through:

Comic book grading – determine the worth of your comic books by recognizing its overall state. A comic book’s grade supports its value in the market and is categorized as, mint, near mint, very fine, fine, very good, and good.

To know more about a comic’s grade, consult an updated and trusty comic book grading guide.

3.) Identify the age of you comic books.

Comics that are less than 20 years are more difficult to sell than those that are over 20 to 30 years old. There are 4 ages of comics namely:

The Platinum age – vintage comic books dating from 1897 to 1932. These comics are rare and needs the expertise of a highly specialized comic dealer.

The Golden age – comic books that ran from 1933 to 1956 and are considered most desirable by comic collectors and comic book dealers.

The Silver age – comic books that ran from 1956 to the mid 1960s.

The Modern age – comic books that started in 1970s, they generally possess high grade.

4.) Look for possible buyers and dealers by marketing your comic book collections. Make sure not to deal with them without checking first their references.

5.) Decide on where to market your comic collections – whether you want to advertise it on a comic book dealer, a direct buyer or sell it online. You can also sell them directly to individual comic book collectors who can meet your terms.

Where to sell your comic books?

Sell comics online – the presence of the internet has made it easier for comic book sellers to market and advertise their collections. There is eBay, Amazon and many other sites who provide various options for sellers in putting up their products.

Comic books for sale online also make it easy and convenient for comic collectors and buyers to search and purchase comic books.

Sell comics in comic book auction houses – a good place to promote and advertise your comic books. However, this can cost money for an auctioneer which is why they are more inclined to sell comic books that possess great value.

Sell comics in comic book conventions – a good place to speak to comic book experts and inquire of your comic collections worth if you are still unsure of its value. Comic book convention events allow you to meet serious comic book collectors who will be interested in your lot.

Sell comics in comic book stores – approach the store’s owner or manager and find out if they would be willing to buy your individual comics or purchase an entire collection. Most comic book shops prefer buying rare and old comic books.

Advertise your comics in classified sections of newspapers, mass mailings and trade publications where many comic buyers and collectors consult and visit the ads in search of comic books for sale.

When to sell your comic books?

It is preferable that you sell your comic collection when your particular comic is scarce enough to demand a premium price. The older your comic gets, the higher is its rate when you sell them.

An individual who has a strong interest in comic books and the culture surrounding them. Comic books are a form of printed or digital media that combines text and artworks that tell beautiful and interesting stories, often featuring characters with superhuman abilities and adventures. A comic fan, passionate about the medium and collect, read, discuss, and even create comic books.