Online graphic novels

Web graphic novels

With nowadays technology, graphic novels, together with other forms of comics has adapted into the digital age.

The advent of the internet has made it possible to publish comics and graphic novels online. The rise of new comic creators and artists, both skilled and passionate in creating comics and online publishing has made it possible for illustrated novels to slowly grow in the internet entertainment.

Graphic novels have been experiencing a huge rise in popularity in recent times. They are a beautiful means of crossing striking artworks with a well plotted story arc.

Why read graphic novels online?

The availability of many web-based comics offers convenient and enjoyable way to reading online graphic novels.

Not only are most of them free, they are also downloadable. This means you can save them in portable gadgets such as PSP’s, net books, and digital tablets.

Such technology heightens digital graphic novels demand and popularity, thus creating a wider media for comic readers and fans to enjoy.

Best online graphic novels

• Metal Gear solid – based on a series of stealth games by Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear graphic novel features a war setting presented in large amounts of graphic violence that chronicles the dangers and effects of warfare.

• Rice boy – set in the 9th century, Rice Boy graphic novel is a bright colored online illustrated novel by Evan Dahm. It follows a surreal fantasy adventure set in the Red Age of Overside.

• The Meek – created by Der-shing Helmer, The Meek graphic novel chronicles the feats of an inexperienced young girl, Angora as she sets out on a quest to save the world.

• The Phoenix Requiem – a web graphic novel by Sarah Ellerton. The Phoenix Requiem (The Phoenix Requiem graphic novel) tells a Victorian-inspired tale that depicts a supernatural fantasy with themes of love, faith, and death.

How to read digital graphic novels?

Online graphic novels offers comic fans a wide variety of stories, genres and art styles to choose from. Graphic novels range from adult-themed stories to those suited for kids.

Here are easy to follow guidelines in reading illustrated novels online.

• Browse the internet for varied collections of online graphic novels you can choose from.

• Pick out a graphic novel that contains the genre, theme, or story that you like.

• Choose a style that you prefer. Find a graphic novel that is visually appealing to you.

• Read graphic novels that are well written, and which story is conveyed clearly.

• Graphic novels don’t just deliver its story through sequential art. Pay attention to its other details so you can understand the story to the fullest.

Where to read graphic novels online?

Digital illustrated novel sites offer free graphic novels you can read. Some websites upload graphic novel scans of published illustrated novel titles for comic readers to enjoy.

• Novel Ideas Newsletter – read graphic novel works from new, up and coming comics artists and writers.

• Sacred truth – graphic novels themed on sci-fi, zombies, and horror stories in general.

• MahShelf – the site provides scanned graphic novels and comic books that can be read for free.

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