About Us

Everyone loves to read comics, as I was told ….

2-Clicks Comics is a home comic readers, collectors and avid fans of any comic characters. In this website, anyone can read and share anything and everything about their favorite comics and manga.

Being able to help someone else discover something is the best thing about being an entertainment enthusiast. 2-Clicks-Comics is dedicated to providing the best possible entertainment recommendations to our users. We reach over 11 million users monthly and are driven by the passion of our audience.

Over the years, 2-Clicks-Comics has been able to become the go-to source for news and discussion about comics. We aim to provide the best possible resources and information for anyone who is interested in learning more about the medium. Whether you are a casual comic book fan or a lifelong enthusiast, we aim to help you improve your knowledge of the genre.

Why comics collecting?

Comic collecting can be a fun hobby for a variety of reasons, and different people may find different aspects of it enjoyable. Here are some reasons why comic collecting is often considered a fun and rewarding hobby:

  1. Nostalgia: Many people start collecting comics because they have fond memories of reading them as children. Collecting allows them to reconnect with their past and relive those nostalgic moments.
  2. Art Appreciation: Comics are a unique art form that combines storytelling with visual art. Collectors often appreciate the intricate artwork, creative panel layouts, and the diverse range of artistic styles found in comics.
  3. Storytelling: Comics tell compelling stories through a combination of words and images. Collectors can immerse themselves in rich, complex narratives that span various genres, from superhero adventures to science fiction and fantasy.
  4. Community: Comic collecting has a passionate and welcoming community of fellow collectors. Joining comic book forums, conventions, or local clubs can provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, trade or discuss comics, and make new friends.
  5. Hunting for Rare Issues: The thrill of hunting for rare or valuable comic books can be an exciting aspect of the hobby. Scouring comic shops, conventions, and online marketplaces for that elusive issue can be a treasure hunt of sorts.
  6. Investment Potential: Some collectors view comics as investments. Over time, certain comics can appreciate in value, making it potentially profitable for those who invest wisely. However, it’s essential to collect what you love rather than solely for investment purposes.
  7. Variety: The world of comics is vast and diverse. There are comics for all ages, interests, and sensibilities. Collectors can explore a wide range of titles and genres, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.
  8. Creative Outlet: Some collectors enjoy creating their comics, fan art, or fan fiction related to their favorite characters or series. This creative outlet allows them to express their passion for comics in a unique way.
  9. Preservation: Collectors often take pride in preserving the history of comics. They may invest in protective sleeves, bags, and boxes to ensure their comics remain in excellent condition for future generations.
  10. Connecting with Pop Culture: Comics have a significant influence on pop culture, with many characters and storylines making their way into movies, TV shows, and other forms of media. Collecting comics can deepen one’s appreciation for these adaptations.
  11. Personal Achievement: Completing a collection or finding a highly sought-after comic can provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
  12. Escape and Entertainment: Comics offer a form of escapism and entertainment. Reading a good comic book can be a way to relax, de-stress, and temporarily escape from the demands of daily life.

In summary, comic collecting is a fun hobby because it combines elements of nostalgia, art appreciation, storytelling, community, and the thrill of discovery. 2-Clicks Comics provides a creative outlet, connects collectors with pop culture, and can be a source of personal fulfillment and enjoyment. Ultimately, the joy of comic collecting comes from the passion and enthusiasm of the collectors themselves.

Hope you will enjoy your stay at 2-Clicks Comics!!! Happy Reading everyone.