Greatest Marvel comics

Amazing Fantasy # 15

Top 10 Marvel comic books list

Marvel comics is an American comic publishing company, among the greatest and the well-known publishers responsible for many of today’s famous and classic comic books and comic characters.

With these characters, progress various stories that captures not only the interest but the loyalty of fans and collectors over the years.

Several Marvel comics are particularly sought after due to reasons such as; introduction of a new Marvel character or a sudden twist in the story.

1.) Amazing Fantasy # 15 – marks the first appearance of Spider-Man, Marvel comics most successful and iconic superhero.

Peter Parker’s debut issue is among the most valued and essential comic book to fans and collectors. A copy of Amazing Fantasy # 15, graded near mint (9.6) was sold by Metropolis Comics in New York City for $140,000 on September 2000.

Another near mint copy was also sold for $ 210, 000 in, an online auction on October 2007.

2.) Fantastic 4 Vol. 1 # 1 – published on November 1961, this issue shows the first appearance of the Fantastic Four comics characters, Marvel’s first Silver Age superhero team comprising of Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, The Human Torch, and Invisible Girl.

It also features the superheroes’ origins and their first encounter with the Mole Man and his Moloid subjects under the story titles; The Fantastic Four, The Fantastic Four Meet the Moleman, and The Moleman’s Secret.

3.) X-men Vol.1 # 137 – created by Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, and John Byrne, this issue is an extended X-men story entitled, The Dark Phoenix Saga (January – October 1980).

It focuses on the Phoenix Force and X-men prime member, Jean Grey where it apparently ends in Grey’s death. Also, this is the first issue that a prime Marvel comics superhero is killed on-panel.

4.) Giant Size X-men # 1 – debut appearance of X-men’s new team. The giant size is a special issue in Marvel comics, X-men comic series.

It was written by Len Wein and illustrated by Dave Cockrum, it was released with a May 1975 cover date, a 68-page issue that was distributed in February of that same year.

5.) X-men Vol.2 # 1 – published by Marvel comics on October 1991, this issue is best remembered for it’s 37-paged story, exceeding the normally 22 pages comic book.

It sold over a million copies which is attributed to the comic issues 5 different cover arts.

6.) The Amazing Spider-Man # 121 – a staple issue for all Spiderman comics fans and collectors.

This Spiderman comics centers on the death of Gwen Stacy, caused by the super villain Green Goblin which appeared in comic stands on June 1973, hailed by fans as the best and most tragic Spider Man comic issue ever.

7.) The Avengers # 4 – marks another milestone as Captain America joins the Avengers team. Released on March 1964, Steve Rogers debuts in the Silver Age of Comics.

Capt. America astonished the world as he returns alive, all the time believed to have died during WW II. He was found frozen in a block of ice and as the present makes him a man out of place and time, Rogers struggles to find his way again.

8.) X-men Vol.1 # 1 – created on September 1963, the X-men are a superhero team in Marvel comics universe, created by writer Stan and artist Jack Kirby.

The issue featured the first appearance of the X-men members, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Jean Grey. It also marked the debut of the characters of Professor Xavier and their ultimate archenemy Magneto.

9.) Wolverine Vol2. # 75 – Logan copes up with the loss of his adamantium which is revealed to have bone claws.

Wolverine’s bone claws are foot long weapons housed in his forearms; sit in trenches created by a series of linked muscles.

The issue follows the X-men as they land the damaged Blackbird Jet with Professor Xavier and Jean Grey trying to stabilize superhero Wolverine from both physical and mental trauma from a fight with Magneto.

10.) Daredevil Vol.1 # 227 – Anti-hero Kingpin learns Daredevil’s secret identity. Released on February 1986, it featured Karen Page selling the identity of the superhero Daredevil for a drug fix.

Kingpin, heads the deal soon discovers the person behind the name and proceeds to wrecking Matt Murdock’s life.

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