How to buy comics

How to buy comics

Best guide and tips on how and where to purchase comic books

Buying comic books is a thrilling experience. But before making a purchase, make sure that you have properly considered the following:

• Types of comics

Decide beforehand which type or types of comic books you want to buy, and start from there. The different types of comics to choose from include popular superhero series, underground comix, vintage high-end comics, current comics, graphic novels, comic strips, manga comics, and works of particular artists or publishers.

• High-end comics or current comics

Depending on your budget, decide which sort of comics you want to collect. If you have considerable fund to invest in comic books, it would be a great idea to buy high-end comics for your collection.

Otherwise, spend your money on current comics that you think have the potential market value in the future. Or you can purchase both high-end and current comics if money is not much of a problem with you.

• Comic book grading system

You will not be a proficient buyer of comics if you are not familiar with the comic book grading system. Take time to be fully acquainted on how to grade the condition of comics before buying one. Feel free to browse this website which can offer you necessary information you need to know in comic book grading.

• Check out comic book price guides

Procure a copy of a comic book price guide. Some of the most highly regarded comics price catalogs are the The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, Wizard Magazine, Comics Buyer’s Guide, ComicBase, and the Comics Buyer’s Guide Standard Catalog of Comic Books.

You can also check other respected online comics price guides such as,,, and Most of the sites provide their services for free, while others ask for some fees.

• Buy CGC graded comics

CGC graded comic books is something new in collecting comics and may not be a good option for a casual collector as they cost much than not CGC graded comic books. But if you are a hardcore collector, CGC graded comics is the best for you.

Where to buy comic books?

The regular places to buy comics are the local comic shops or online comic book dealers. But purchasing comics from these outlets can cost you high premium rates.

Here are the other best places where you can find comic books at lesser rates, or at least haggle for reasonable prices:

• Find time to visit second hand bookshops, yard sales and flea markets.

• The Internet offers you an almost unlimited source where you can buy comics at reasonable prices. Go to online auction sites such as eBay,, and Make a quick Google search and check out those great numbers of online comics marketplaces out there.

• Comic book shows and conventions offer excellent opportunities to meet with fellow collectors and dealers where you can make the best possible deals with them.

• Check out forums and online communities to meet with other comic book enthusiasts where you can get or share information with them.

How to buy comics online?

With a simple search in the Internet, you can have a long list of websites offering you wide arrays of comics to choose from. But before paying for any comic book you found online, there are certain things you need to mull over carefully:

• Compare comic book prices

The best thing with purchasing comics online, or any products for that matter, is the convenience of comparing prices with other internet shops. Exploit this to your advantage and find the best deals available online.

• Know the comic book seller

Research the seller’s credentials online. Check out past transactions and feedback rating and read what other buyers said about the seller. Does the comic book seller offer money-back guarantee? What are the other terms and conditions?

• Understand your comic book purchase

Read the details carefully about the comics that you want to buy. Figure out the delivery cost and time frame, and make sure the dealer will insure the comics prior to shipping as well as assuring you of the proper handling of the comics.

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