Action Comics 1

"Action Comics #1" is one of the most historically significant and valuable comic books in the world of comic book collecting. It was published by DC Comics (then known as National Allied Publications) in June 1938. What makes this comic book iconic is that it features the first appearance of Superman, arguably the most famous and influential superhero of all time.

Action comics 1

Everything about the most valuable comic book in the world

The debut of Superman in Action Comics 1 is the first major breakthrough in comic book industry, and has since then defined the world of comics as we know it today.

The first appearance of Superman in 1938 issue of Action Comics #1 ushered in also the Golden Age of Comics. It is now dubbed as the Holy Grail of comics in which a copy of this rarest comic book in the world sold at an all-time record sale of $1,500,000 on March 29, 2010.

The famous Action Comics 1 cover shows Superman in the act of throwing a car, which was created by Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster.

Clad in blue costume, flowing red cape, and a large red letter “S” emblazoned on his chest, the superhero from planet Krypton devotes his existence as the champion of the oppressed and protector of the world.

Action Comics #1 anthology

Like most early superhero comic books, Action Comics #1 was not devoted entirely to Superman, but was actually a comic book anthology of stories that also included other relatively popular comics during that time.

Other stories found in Action Comics no. 1 were Chuck Dawnson, Zatara Master Magician, South Sea Strategy, Sticky-Mitt Stimson, The Adventures of Marco Polo, Pep Morgan, Scoop Scanlon Five Star Reporter, Tex Thompson, and Stardust.

But the comic became very well-known for the premiere of Superman.

Superman in Action Comics 1 Story

The section on Superman run from pages 1 to 13 that tells the story of Baby Superman who is hastily sent to Earth by his parents because their planet is very near to destruction.

Securely tucked in a space ship, the baby travels to Earth in top speed and landed safely where a passing motorist finds him and turns him over to an orphanage. At a very young age, little Superman manifests his superhuman abilities by lifting heavy things over his head using his one hand only.

When he reaches maturity, Superman, who is now named Clark Kent, finds out that he can outrun an express train, hurdle tall buildings, and has an invincible skin. Recognizing his incredible superpowers, Clark Kent decides to use them for the benefit of mankind.

Introduced during an era of Great Depression in America, Superman has enlivened the lives of readers who welcome him as their ultimate superhero that overcomes any kind of obstacles, and stands for justice and truth.

How many Action Comics 1 were printed?

Published by National Allied Publications, later known as DC Comics, Action Comics #1 hit the newsstands in April 1928, although the date indicated on the comics is June 1938.

The number of copies printed for the Action Comics #1 was 200,000. The first issue proved to be very successful that the next print run of the series would soon reach 1,000,000 copies per month.

The comic book is also noteworthy for its historical context. Published during the Great Depression, it offered readers a hero who could overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, providing a sense of hope and empowerment during a challenging time in American history.

How many copies of Action Comics 1 exist?

After over 70 years since the debut of Superman, out of the 200,000 copies originally printed, there are now about 100 copies of Action Comics #1 that exist today according to the authorities in comic book collecting.

Since the year of its publication, time has played a crucial factor that goes against the survival of the comics. Like other Golden Age comics, Action Comics no. 1 was printed on pulp that contains acid resulting to a slow decay after a time if the comic is not stored properly.

How much is Action Comics 1 worth?

What is the actual price of action comic 1?

Determining the value of very rare old comics such as Action Comics 1 involves not just the popularity of the issue, but also the condition or grade of the comics.

The year 2009 recorded a sale of $317,000 for an Action Comics 1 copy in a lesser grade. The following year, however, saw the unprecedented sales in comic book history.

On February 22, 2010, the Internet and the entire comic book collecting community had been buzzing excitedly over the auction at that involved a comic book and 1 million dollar in the same sentence.

The comic book is a rare copy of Action Comics 1 with a grading of 8.0 (VF or very fine). It was the first ever comic book sold at a million dollar.

Boosted by that mind-boggling sale, and as if that was not just enough, the excitement was heightened the next month when a CGC 8.5 (VF+) grade Action Comics #1 fetched a record-breaking sale of $1,500,000. The sale was through the same auction company

Notable Sales
$3.4 million (CGC 6.0, private sale, 2022)
$3.25 million (CGC 8.5, ComicConnect, 2021)
$2.1 million (CGC 9.0, ComicConnect, 2011)
$1.5 million (CGC 8.5, ComicConnect, 2010)

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