Top 10 comic book villains

Top 10 comic book villains

Ten greatest comics super villains of all time

What’s a superhero without his supervillain? From whom will he save the world and humanity from?

The popularity of super heroes is partly owed to the most lethal, psychotic, criminal minded beings they have to battle with in order to save the world.

Here is the top 10 comic book antagonist and anti-heroes who gained their own shot at fame by creating mayhem and chaos wherever they go; by plotting the most dangerous schemes of world domination and destruction.

1.) The Joker

He is Batman’s number one enemy; supervillain Joker boasts an insane and psychotic nature creates a very appealing character that has earned the favor of many comic book fans.

His insanity contrasts all norms; his ability with toxic chemicals, dangerous ammunition creates the makings of an unpredictable madman whose prime goal is to see Batman’s end.

2.) Venom

A symbiotic creature that attaches itself to a host, antihero Venom is a not a super villain per se.

He is a costume; Venom grants powers, super strength, speed, agility, and web slinging powers to whoever wears it and in the process motivating and influencing his host to act out its ultimate goal, to take down Spider-man.

3.) Lex Luthor

A criminal mastermind, Lex Luthor is a genius, an ex-president, a businessman, and a sociopath.

Lex doesn’t possess any magical powers, no superhuman strengths and abilities, but his superior intellect and utter ruthlessness makes him an all time dangerous super villain and Superman’s prime nemesis.

4.) Magneto

A chief supervillain of the X-men, a dangerous villain Magneto thrives to fulfill an ultimate goal; to make the superior race of mutant kind lead in facing the future.

Magneto wants the humans to take their rightful place, behind his own kind. He is arguably the most powerful mutant and one of the greatest tortured villains of all time.

5.) Galactus

Known as the world-eater, supervillain Galactus is the most feared being in the cosmos. He is the archenemy of the Fantastic 4 and is considered to be a great threat to everyone and everything on earth.

Galactus not only promise world domination but world destruction as well; made possible with a gang of cosmic powered accomplice at his disposal.

6.) Dr. Doom

Victor Von Doom is among the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe.

Dr. Doom’s intellect and mastery of the mystical arts supplies his thirst and hunger for world domination and a strong goal to see Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) dead and destroyed.

7.) Green Goblin

One of Spider-Man’s greatest archenemies, Green Goblin is responsible for the death of Gwen Stacy.

Time and time again, Green Goblin would reappear and cause trouble in Peter Parker’s life, making them bitter enemies for years.

8.) Doomsday

Doomsday is built to survive at all costs; anti hero Doomsday is cruel and inhumane. A super villain who could be a physical challenge for Superman in a straight fight.

He was created millennia ago and his history of battle turned him into a monstrous being responsible for the murder of Superman.

9.) Apocalypse

He is one of the world’s most powerful mutants; the super villain Apocalypse has the ability to change his molecular structures and appears to be immortal.

En Sabah Nur is said to be the original mutant, his ultimate goal is to make mutant kind the strongest race to walk the universe, creating a direct conflict with the X-men especially after he changed Angel and Morlock Caliaban into members of his Four Horsemen.

10.) Kingpin

Self-proclaimed Kingpin of Crime, he is among the most prominent figures of organized crime in the whole US east coast.

Kingpin has no superhuman powers but he is very strong. Despite his rather bulky appearance, Kingpin is not fat, his body is made up of muscles. He is also surprisingly fast despite his massive size.

He is capable of facing and humiliating prominent comic book superheroes such as Capt. America, Punisher, Daredevil and many others.

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