Top 10 graphic novels

Persepolis graphic novel

The ten greatest graphic novels of all time

Graphic novels come in all genres. Breaking free from the custom funnies and superhero themed comics, these illustrated novels offers literary value that can well suit kids and adults alike.

Depending on the style and story of these sequential arts, one can easily pick a graphic novel of his/her type.

Here are the 10 most popular graphic novels that have won the esteem of many comics readers.

1.) Watchmen graphic novel

Written by Alan Moore with illustrations from Dave Gibbons, Watchmen graphic novel is a limited series first published by DC comics in 1986.

Watchmen looks deep into the superhero psyche; set in alternate America where super powered beings are being stripped off of both their costumes and moral duties.

2.) The Sandman graphic novel

Published by DC comics imprint, Vertigo and written by Neil Gaiman, the Sandman graphic novel is a critically acclaimed dark fantasy series first published on 1989.

It follows the character of Dream, also known as Morpheus, the Sandman Lord of Dreams. After 70 years of imprisonment, Morpheus eventually escaped and is now back to regain his lost objects of power and to rebuild his realm, the Dreaming.

3.) Persepolis graphic novel

Marjane Satrapi’s autobiographical comics, Persepolis graphic novel recall her childhood and early adult years in Iran, during and after the Islamic Revolution.

Persepolis is the first Iranese graphic novel, it became an instant success that earned notable awards and was made into a feature film in 2007.

4.) Maus graphic novel

Based on the true accounts of Vladek Spiegelman, Maus graphic novel is a literary winner by Art Spiegelman. It chronicles his parents’ experiences as Jews in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Maus is depicted using anthropomorphic characters. Each nationality and race involved were presented by animals; Jews as mice, Germans as cats, Americans as dogs, Poles as pigs and so on.

5.) V for Vendetta graphic novel

Set in a near-future Britain, V for Vendetta graphic novel narrates the story of V, a costumed anarchist in Guy Fawkes mask.

V initiates a revolutionary campaign against the fascist party called the Norsefire. A nuclear war has destroyed the world, and V starts a revolt to bring down the totalitarian government.

V for Vendetta graphic novel is a 10-issue series by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd.

6.) The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel

Listed second among the 25 greatest Batman illustrated novels, The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel is created by Frank Miller. It is a limited series published by DC comics on February 1986.

Set in a futuristic Gotham City where all superheroes except Superman have been forced into retirement. In their absence a gang, who goes by the name of the Mutants are terrorizing the city, prompting 55-year old Bruce Wayne to pull on his Batman costume once more.

7.) Jimmy Corrigan graphic novel

Created by Chris Ware, Jimmy Corrigan graphic novel, tells of a lonely and meek character that has a very limited, if none, social life.

Identified as the smartest kid on earth, Jimmy’s unhappiness is alternated by his over active imagination which often gets him into unlikely situations.

8.) Blankets graphic novel

Chronicling the life and experiences of Craig Thompson, Blankets graphic novel shares his childhood, his first love, his family struggles, faith, dealings with social issues and eventually his progress to maturity and becoming an artist.

9.) Bone

An independently published series by Jeff Smith, Bone graphic novel follows the adventures of 3 cousins Phoney Bone, Smiley Bone and Fone Bone.

Escaping the anger of their town folks caused by Phoney’s vicious mess; the three makes a series of horrifying but fun adventures leading them to play superhero roles in order to save Boneville from harm.

10.) Ghost World graphic novel

Written by Daniel Clowes, Ghost World graphic novel follows two best friends, Enid and Rebecca. They are intelligent, witty but cynical young ladies who recently graduated from high school and now face an uncertain future.

Ghost World is an unnamed town with long stretch of malls and food chains and urban sprawl that often receives the criticisms of the teenage girls.

Other famous and well-known graphic novel titles includes, Sin City (Sin City comics), Transmetropolitan (Transmetropolitan comics), Hellboy (Hellboy comics), From Hell (From Hell comics ), Palestine (Palestine graphic novel), and Fables (Fables comics).

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