War comics

300 comics A fictional retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae. A recollection of how 300 Spartan soldiers emerged victorious as they stood their grounds and bravely fought against the Persian invasion.

Captain America comics Follow the feats of the worlds only super soldier as he helps the country during World War II. Born Steve Rogers, he underwent an experiment with Dr. Erksine, receiving an experimental serum that turned him to Captain America, the only perfect super soldier who fought against the Axis of Evil.

Metal Gear graphic novel Follow Solid Snake as he battles among other special forces to face off against Metal Gear’s latest incarnation, a superweapon armed with nuclear launching capabilities.

Nambul War Stories comics A war comics, Nambul: War Stories is centered on Hae sung, leader of a Korean Japanese mob who was responsible for the death of a Yakusa boss in the middle of the second Middle Eastern war.

Palestine graphic novel War comics Palestine depicts Joe Sacco’s recollection of his experiences in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip on December 1991 and January 1992. He shares true to life details of the daily Palestinian life, one that is full of struggle, humiliation and frustration.

Sad Sack comics The military comics Sad Sack, narrates a private soldier’s feats in during WWII. It chronicles a GI's humilities and absurdities experienced in the military.

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War comics

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