Super villain comics

Apocalypse comics En Sabah Nur is Apocalypse, he is one of X Men’s greatest foe. An immortal & monstrous tyrant who believes that only the strongest human and mutants should have the right to exist.

Carnage comics Murderous and lethal, Carnage is one of Spider Man’s most dangerous adversary. He is an alien symbiote who loves to create havoc and chaos for his own pleasure.

Darkseid comics The God of Evil, Darkseid’s ultimate goal is to rule the universe, and shape it according to his own image. All he need is the Anti Life Equation which will allow him to take and give back life.

Doomsday comics A mindless killing machine, Doomsday is created to survive and to destroy. His only emotions are murderous hatred and rage and his joy is destruction and death.

Dr. Doom comics He is Fantastic Four’s greatest enemy; Dr. Doom is a polymath scientific genius, a powerful villain capable of creating chaos and doom to earth.

Galactus comics He is the ultimate supervillain, every time Galactus shows up, he turns into everyone’s problem. He is hailed as Devourer of the Worlds, destroying many universes and killing countless beings.

Green Goblin comics One of Peter Parker’s greatest foes, Normal Osborn aka the Green Goblin is a perverse and insane villain who dons a Halloween themed costume and rides the Goblin Rider.

Joker comics He is the Dark Knights ultimate nemesis, Joker is Gotham City`s most dangerous super villain whose ultimate goal is to take Batman down.

Kingpin comics A criminal genius, self proclaimed Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk is a feared and deadly crime lord that poses great threat to the most prominent and powerful superheroes.

Lex Luthor comics Superman’s archenemy is among the most gifted beings alive. Lex Luthor is a brilliant scientist with a burning desire for power and chaos.

Mad Love comics What they have is the most dysfunctional relationship in comics. Harley Quinn gave up sanity for Joker, a love so obsessive, so twisted, and so deadly.

Magneto comics He is the Master of Magnetism, Magneto is the X Men’s most prominent enemy. He is a powerful mutant capable of creating and controlling magnetism that can put mankind to harm.

Riddler comics Edward Nigmas's fascination for riddles allows him to commit puzzling crimes. He is the Riddler, Gotham City's complex villain and Batman's prime nemesis.

Venom comics An alien sentient, a symbiote in need of a host to assume a dangerous supervillain form, Venom is a crazed, powerful maniac adept at unleashing havoc and evil.

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Super villain comics

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