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2000 AD comics 2000 AD is a superhero comics which presents various characters of super powered crime fighters with Judge Dredd as it’s most successful and noted figure.

Aquaman comics Tasked to protect the undersea, Aquaman, also known as Orin ruler of Atlantis use his super speed, strength and powers to maintain the peace and order of his kingdom.

Batgirl comics Batgirl superhero comics centers on the titular character evil busting adventures. Batgirl fights off crime and villains with her distinguished detective skills and prevailing crime fighting tactics.

Batman comics Unaided by superhuman powers, Batman uses his intellect and his highly advanced gadgets stop the crimes of Gotham City, and to fight his brood of archenemies.

Black Snow comics An unsuccessful superhero with a variety of superpowers: Black Snow may have the powers to make him the new superman, if only he knows how to control them.

Captain America comics Captain America superhero comics focuses on the adventures of the one and only super soldier. Captain America served in the war and protected the innocent; he became a prominent symbol of justice and liberty.

Captain Marvel comics Follow the adventures of Captain Marvel as he defends and protects the earth from domestic and extraterrestrial threats that dares harm it.

Danger girl comics Follow the adventures of the best female operatives in the world. Danger Girl superhero comics chronicles a top secret, combat force composed of sexy heroines, Abbey Chase, Sydney Savage, Natalia Kassle, and Silicon Valerie.

Daredevil comics Focused on the life’s struggles of Matt Murdock, Daredevil superhero comics narrates the story of how vengeance will steer one man to live a life of dual identity. A respected lawyer by day and a superhero by night.

Fantastic four comics Fantastic 4 superhero comics features the world`s first superhero team. Being accidentally exposed to cosmic rays that gave them extraordinary abilities, Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny used their powers to protect the earth and fight off Dr. Doom and his evil threats.

Flash comics Donned in red tights sporting a lighting bulb, Flash is the Scarlet Speedster, the fastest superhero that fights the crimes of Central City.

Green Arrow comics A superhero vigilante armed with archery, martial arts, and technology; follow the feats of Green Arrow as he fights crime and protects Star City.

Green Lantern comics He is a member of the Justice League, vowed to protect the universe from all threats. Green Lantern yields the power ring, the world’s most powerful weapon that allows him to do anything.

Hawkman comics Carter Hall is Hawkman, a winged superhero who yields the Nth metal, a special archaic weaponry that grants him flight and other powers and abilities.

Hulk comics When Dr. Bruce Banner was exposed to the experimental detonation of a gamma bomb, he was transformed into a monstrous being with superhuman abilities, healing factors and limitless strength, the Hulk was born.

Iceman comics He is a fictional character in the superhero comics X Men. Iceman has the ability to turn himself into solid ice and shoot ice blasts; he was recruited to become a member of X men’s young mutant team.

Impulse comics Impulse superhero comics tells the story of Bart Allen, known as Impulse. Born with a disorder that makes him age faster than normal, he was sent to live in a virtual reality. Upon his return, he was unable to cope well with danger and acts on impulse, hence his name.

Iron Man comics When a fatal explosion mortally injures Tony Stark, he creates a heavy armoured and powered suit to save himself and protect the world as the invincible Iron Man.

Jean Grey comics She has near limitless powers, equipped with telekinesis and telepathic, Jean Grey battles threats that might harm humanity and the world.

Kaliman comics Kaliman and his young companion Solin goes about the land fighting off evil doers without superpowers to brag. This super hero comic book narrates of their enhanced abilities, wits, and skills to arm them against the evils they constantly have to face.

Man Man comics The story of Man Man comics centers in a silly superhero who was bitten by a radioactive evil doctor. Aided by his homeless, jobless sidekick, Drake Welton copes up with his unsuccessful attempts to think clearly in his hardly action filled superhero life.

Martian Manhunter comics Martian Manhunter is a superhero comic character who is a member of the Justice League. He was teleported from Mars to Earth and found no means of going to his home, hence he used his powers and abilities to help humans fight off threats.

Nagraj comics The superhero comics, Nagraj chronicles the adventures of the most powerful superhero in Raj Universe. Nagraj is Professor Nagmani’s creation, feeding him with bits of snake poison making Nagraj the Ultimate Killing Machine.

Nightwing comics A non super powered super hero, Nightwing faces Black Mask and all the other crimes of Bludhaven; armed with martial art skills and keen senses.

Quasar comics With the quantum bands fused to his wrists, Wendell Vaughn carries out safeguarding the universe from all threats. Quasar superhero comics narrate of his struggles to protect the cosmos.

Question comics An unlikely protagonist, Vic Sage goes about Hub City in a faceless guise to solve his crimes and cases. He is the Question, an unforgiving detective who takes a mysterious, thrilling lead in this superhero comic book.

Robin comics Batman’s most loyal partner, Robin aids The Dark Knight in protecting Gotham City armed with advanced gadgets and martial arts abilities.

Spiderman comics Peter Parker is marked by inferiority complex; he has trouble socializing with others especially the girls. Peter’s fate made an unlikely twist as he became Spiderman.

Supergirl comics She stands for truth and justice and the American way. Supergirl is the girl of steel, a super heroine dedicated to protecting the universe.

Superman comics He is the very first super powered superhero, the last son of Krypton. Superman's only weakness is a kryptonite, but even that doesn't stop him from being the protector of the universe.

Teen Titans Go comics A team of teenage superheroes, Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy protects the earth from all threats and villains to save the world from harm.

The Adventures of Dr McNinja comics Armed with super human strength, speed and the ability to heal, Dr. McNinja goes into crime fighting, killing criminals and saving lives as he practice medicine.

V for Vendetta comics This superhero comics that follows the anarchist V. A victim of an inhumane experiment, he seeks out his captors with fiery hatred, determined to bring down the fascist government.

Watchmen graphic novel Looking deep into the dark realities of the superhero psyche, Watchmen bares the veracity when super heroes are stripped off not only of their costumes but also of their moral roles.

Wolverine comics A prime member of the X men, Wolverine possess animal like adaptations; retractable claws, accelerated healing factors and other strengths that allow him to protect those in danger.

Wonder Woman comics Princess Diana is Wonder Woman, an Amazon princess and a skilled warrior. She is a prime member of the Justice League determined to protect the world from harm.

X Factor comics A spin off from the X men comic book series, X Factor follows a mutant hunting detective agency managed by original xmen members who secretly trains their captures to make better use of their powers.

X men comics Armed with powers and abilities beyond human skills, the mutant superhero team of the X men fights to protect humanity from all threats and dangers.

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