Sunday comics

Archie comics Archie Andrews is your average American teenager with the extra skills here and there for making trouble and mess wherever he went.

Bamse comics He is the world`s most cuddly, strongest, and nicest brown bear. Bamse eats a jar of Grandmas special powered honey to gain strength and help people everyday.

Calvin and Hobbes comics Follow the fun adventures of a hyperactive boy and his stuffed tiger; Calvin and Hobbes embark on countless feats that involve not only fun but learning as well.

Dilbert comics Dilbert works at a big company where he fails to socialize with his officemates. His time is rather spent creating bizarre inventions that do not seem to succeed.

Far Side comics A collection of verbal and visual gags set on compromising, unlikely events and social situations whose comic art fit in a single rectangular panel.

Garfield comics Read about an orange tabby cat that has a particular craving for lasagna, laziness and hatred for diet and exercise, meet Garfield.

James Bond comics Focused on the feats of the titular character, James Bond Sunday comics tells of a Secret Intelligence Service agent famed for his wits and super spy skills, also known as Agent 007.

Oor Wullie comics Wullie sports a spiky hair, wears dungarees and carries around an upturned bucket used as a seat. He and his gang of mischief are known for creating trouble wherever they go.

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Sunday comics

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