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2000 AD comics 2000 AD science fiction comics depicts stories involving the presence of aliens, robots, and other extra terrestrial species collected in a futuristic fictional setting.

Akira comics Set in a apocalyptic Neo Tokyo, Akira is the story of a boy who possess godlike psychic powers enough to destroy the world and himself.

Apocalypse comics Said to be the original mutant, Apocalypse sees himself as his kind’s rightful leader. He is immortal and has a body made up of organic and powerful celestial technology.

Astro Boy comics He is created in the likeness of Dr. Tenma’s lost son, Astro even though a robot was treated with kindness and love and was soon able to feel human emotions like a real boy.

Carnage comics An offspring of Venom, Carnage is an alien symbiote who bonds with the serial killer Cletus Kasady, creating one of Peter Parker’s most lethal and murderous nemesis.

Darkseid comics He is the supreme monarch of Apokolips, the God of Evil; Darkseid is the ultimate threat to all living things as his ultimate mission is to rule the universe and control everything in it.

Doomsday comics A prehistoric alien who has lived for thousands of years; Doomsday belonged to a vicious race in which survival is granted only to the strongest of creatures.

Dr. Doom comics An archenemy of the Fantastic 4, the proud monarch of Latveria, and a scientific genius whose thirst for power and glory drives him bring chaos to the world.

Dragon Ball comics Goku and other super powered fighters are on a mission to save the world, seeking 7 dragon balls, and fighting off mean monsters and other species that meant trouble & harm.

El Eternauta comics A sci fi comics narrating an alien invasion initiated by a lethal snowfall. Juan Salvo and his family along with a few remaining survivors tried to fight against the invaders but will soon found it hopeless and fatal.

Fullmetal Alchemist comics Set in a fictional universe, Edward & Alphonse Elric are two alchemist brothers in search of the Philosopher’s stone, a powerful object that can help them restore their bodies.

Galactus comics His powers are near omnipotent; Galactus can either create or destroy. He is powerful entity, an ultimate supervillain who feeds on a world’s cosmic energy.

Ghost in the Shell comics Major Motoko Kusanagi is assigned to lead Public Security Section 9. This Japanese comic book follows Kusanagi as she starts on a mission to hunt the Puppeeter, a cyber criminal whose modus operandi is ghost hacking taking control of human minds.

Girl Genius comics Agatha Clay Heterodyne seemed to be a struggling student at first but as she discovers her impressive heritage so did the surge of talents making her the interest of other Sparks.

I am legend comics A science fiction comics, I Am Legend takes us to a time of great pandemic, when the world we know today no longer nourish humans but a horde of zombies. Left as the only survivor of humanity, follow Robert Neville’s strive not to join sides with the creepy undead.

Iron Man comics A flying heavily armored superhero, Iron Man armed with the latest of technology assumes his role as protector of humanity, fighting crimes and evil that threatens it.

La Foire aux immortels comics La Foire aux Immortels is a sci fi comics set in 2023 Paris. After serving time frozen in space, Alcide Nikopol returns to the city only to find it swarming with zombies and aliens. Determined to put an end to this chaos, he let’s his body be controlled by Horus, a renegade god who too desires a stop to 21st century’s turmoil.

Lex Luthor comics Alexander Joseph 'Lex' Luthor is a mad, evil scientist. He has no superpowers, but he is highly intellectual with advance weapons that can create havoc to the world.

Martian Manhunter comics Martian Manhunter science fiction comics chronicles the exploits of an extraterrestrial humanoid who was teleported from Mars to Earth. Having no means of returning to his home, J’onn J’onzz stays in Earth, joining Justice Leagues and making sure justice is served to those who need it.

Metal Gear graphic novel Chronicling universal truths and philosophical themes, Solid Snake and Big Boss continues an ongoing rivalry that has spanned warfare, politics, genetic engineering, and survival.

Nausicaa comics 1000 years passed since the apocalyptic war, the world is left with all forms of poison imaginable to man. As another war nears, Nausicaa had to fight back and protect her land.

Pax Romana comics A science fiction comics narrates and follows 5000 men as they travel thru time to change the past and save the future. The world is nearing its end, can they save it before time runs out?

Quasar comics The quantum bands gives him ancient alien intelligence and superhuman powers, Wendell Elvis Vaughn stars in Quasar sci fi comics. This superhero is dubbed as the Protector of the Universe.

Sonic the Hedgehog comics Set in the futuristic earth of Mobius in 14,016 AD, Sonic the Hedgehog carries out his duties of protecting the weak and innocent from the menace of the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik.

The Meek graphic novel Two countries are overwhelmed with terror and crime. Sensing the need to help, Angora is sent to save the world, armed with her instincts and unexplained power.

Transmetropolitan comics After years of self imposed exile, Spider Jerusalem is back to doing his old job. This time, he probes deep into the activities of the Transients; human turned aliens through cosmic surgery.

Valerian comics Meet Valerian and Laureline, Spatio Temporal agents for Galaxity. Follow them trek thru space and time as they protect their planet from the threats of time manipulating aliens.

Venom comics An extraterrestrial specie made with an almost liquid like form, Venom is a sentient alien who bonds to a host for survival, and to form an evil and crazed villain.

X Factor comics An independent investigation agency poses as mutant hunters when all five original Xmen members secretly train them to control their powers and use them only for good.

X men comics Born with super powers and skills beyond human capabilities, the X men are tasked to protect humanity from dangers that includes threats from their own kind.

Yoko Tsuno comics Along with her close friends, this sic fi comics follows Yoko Tsuno, Vic and Pol as they travel far and wide to explore foreign places, even going as far as the outer space.

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