Romance comics

Blankets graphic novel Inspired by the thought of expressing how it feels to sleep next to someone, an idea in which Craig Thompson shared the story of his first love.

Kare Kano comics A love comics focused on a romantic relationship between Yukino Miyazawa and Souichiro Arima. Both are high school students, role models who are obsessed with their image and struggle to be honest with their selves and towards each other.

Mad Love comics Mad Love romantic comics narrates the beginning of Harley Quinn. Once a psychiatrist who spent time with Joker in an asylum. She fell in love with him which eventually turned to an obsession. In order to please Joker and get his love and attention, Quinn turned to crime, becoming one of Gotham City’s most dangerous criminals.

Nana comics Nana romance comics narrates the story of two different girls who bear the same name. Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu met in the train as they leave for Tokyo to fulfill their own dreams, each entirely different from the other.

The Phoenix Requiem graphic novel Jonas Faulkner and Anya Katsukova may have nothing in common. But they will have to work together to uncover secrets which may lead them to care, or maybe something deeper.

Unbalance X Unbalance comics A love story between a teacher and his student, a funny tale of love in the most unlikely circumstance, Unbalance x Unbalance is not yet another typical romance comics, it adds a new twist to love themed manga.

Youth Gone Wild comics She dreams of creating the ultimate rock band, but Lan Yating did not only found the perfect talented group, she found love as well.

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Romance comics

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