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Abrafaxe comics Abrafaxe is an old German comics that centers on the humorous heroic stunts of Abrax, Brabax, and Califax, 3 good Goblins traveling thru space and time.

Aquaman comics Released on November 1941, Aquaman is the ruler of Atlantis and of the seven seas. He possess super powers and abilities to keep the order and protect the undersea.

Archie comics A long running comics that first appeared in December 1941, follow the gags of Archie Andrews as he presents a typical teens life with the extra hitches on the side.

Astro Boy comics A classic comic first published in 1952, Astro Boy tells the story of a robot with human emotions ready to protect mankind against its own perils and those of robots.

Batman comics A classic superhero character who first appeared in May 1939, Batman continues to defend Gotham City from its crimes and foes.

Captain America comics Steve Rogers, a once frail and weak young man becomes the infamous super soldier. Injected with a powerful serum, Rogers became Capt. America, armed with increased abilities, a fabled shield and a burning desire to protect the innocent.

Captain Marvel comics A classic superhero character, Captain Marvel first appeared in 1939; marking the birth of another great defender to protect the universe and its creatures.

Disney comics Appearing as a newspaper strip in the 1930s, Disney has come a long way in providing well loved tales of love, fantasy and friendship.

El Eternauta comics A classic comic book that chronicles Juan Salvo`s quest to seek for his lost wife and daughter trapped somewhere in different time dimensions

Fantastic four comics First published in November 1961, Fantastic Four is an old comics, chronicling the adventures of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and The Thing. Four once ordinary people on a space exploration mission who gained extraordinary powers after being exposed to cosmic rays.

Flash comics Debuting in Flash comics #1 on January 1940, Flash follows the speedy adventures of a superhero fast enough to be almost invisible and phase through solid objects.

Gaston Lagaffe comics Gaston Lagaffe, a lazy, accident prone office junior and a pet lover. This vintage comics focuses on Gaston’s feats as he tries escape work and laze his day away as his coworkers panic over deadlines.

Green Arrow comics He first appeared in the pages of More Fun comics on November 1941, Green Arrow is a vigilante superhero, crime fighter and protector of Star City.

Green Lantern comics First appearing in 1940, Green Lantern continues to protect the Earth and the universe from both domestic and extraterrestrial threats with the aid of the power ring, the world’s most powerful weapon.

Hawkman comics A classic superhero, Hawkman first appeared in the pages of Flash Comics 1 on January 1940. He is a winged superhero who uses archaic weaponry to protect the world.

House of Mystery comics First published in 1951, this long running horror anthology comics tell tales of supernatural fare, mysterious events and spine chilling experiences.

Jo Zette and Jocko comics Jo, Zette, and Jocko is a classic comic book first published in 1935. It’s pages tells the adventures of 2 kids and their pet monkey trying to escape a gang of mad scientist who follows them to mysterious islands and beyond.

Lex Luthor comics Appearing in 1940, Lex Luthor has been a classic comic character determined to destroy Batman for personal interest. A highly intelligent, but mad scientist, Luthor is a gifted being capable of world domination.

Oor Wullie comics Oor Wullie old comics focuses on Wullie, a 9 year old hyperactive kid whose mischief leads him to constant trouble. He is most known for his trademark spiky hair, dungarees, and an upturned bucket he often uses as a seat.

Patoruzu comics Patoruzu is an old comics that focuses on the life of the main protagonist, a kind hearted and wealthy Patorozu. His generosity is often abused by those consumed with greed yet justice is always served in the end.

Robin comics A crime fighting partner of Batman, Robin is a classic superhero sidekick who patrols Gotham City and helps the Dark Knight battle its crimes.

Supergirl comics Debuting on the pages of Action Comics on 1959, Supergirl is a classic comic book super heroine hailed as the girl of steel and Superman’s female counterpart.

Superman comics First appearing in 1938, Superman comics is a classic series whose titular character is hailed as a global cultural icon, that has influenced generations of superheroes.

Treasure chest comics Focused on inspiring its readers, Treasure chest comics give you stories rich in values, morals, and the cores of living a Christian life.

Uncle Scrooge comics A classic comic that tells the adventures of the world’s richest duck. Follow Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck and his nephews as they visit exotic places in search for treasure.

Wonder Woman comics A classic comics that follows the feats of Wonder Woman. First appearing on 1941, she has become a prominent superheroine known to fight for justice, peace, love, & equality.

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