Non-fiction comics

Blankets graphic novel Follow the life and experiences of Craig Thompson; his childhood, love life, sex and social issues, struggles in the family and faith and his progress to early adulthood.

Maus graphic novel Recall the horrors accompanied by the Nazi occupation during the Second World War; using anthropomorphic animals to narrate such experiences of Vladek Spiegelman.

Palestine graphic novel What do a nation and its people go through in the middle of a war? This non fiction comics shares to us the experiences of the Palestinians in their most troubled times.

Persepolis graphic novel An autobiography of Marjane Satrapi, chronicling her childhood and early adult years during the Ismalic revolution. Follow her struggles as she stands firm and strong for what she believes in.

The Big Book of Martyrs comics Centered on real events, read about the true to life stories of saints and martyrs who suffered persecution, humiliation and gruesome deaths as they stood firm for their faiths.

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Non-fiction comics

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