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100 Bullets comics Agent Graves is an enigmatic old man in this dark comics who offers wronged individuals a chance for revenge, a taste for justice, and a hundred bullets, will you take matters unto your own hands?

300 comics A classic story passed on by Father History, a fictional retelling of how King Leonidas simple but brave peasant warriors defeated King Xerxes armada of Persian army superbly narrated in this noir comic book.

Black Hole comics The Bug virus is spreading, teenagers are now suffering from a sexually transmitted disease that causes them to physically deform and become social outcasts.

Blacksad comics Murders, abductions and nuclear secrets sip into seam of late 1950s America. John Blacksad is set to uncover deadly secrets, face risk and brace dangerous circumstances.

Criminal comics Leo Patterson is a crime prodigy, but fear of both prison and the morgue has made him a coward. Now and old friend returns, determined to expose this criminal genius.

Desolation Jones comics Reduced to PI word, ex spy and Desolation Test survivor Michael Jones was left with nothing but a scarred appearance, an empty shell, and deadly bare hands.

Fell comics Everybody’s hiding something; in Snowtown, that’s the only thing that’s true and homicide detective Richard Fell is determined to find its deadly secrets.

From Hell comics A black and white, crime driven tale that speculates on the real identity of Jack the Ripper, his motives on the series of murders performed in 19th century London.

Joker comics Gotham City’s gloomy appeal compliments Joker noir comics theme. Following the seemingly unending feud between the dark knight and his archenemy, Joker comics highlights his maniacal insanity that dooms everyone who gets in his way.

Lone Wolf and Cub comics The black and white pages of Lone wolf and cub follow Ogami Itti and his son Daigoro, father and son assassins for hire wandering the lands of Japan.

Sin City comics Sin City grumbles in ruins, both in its structures and the lives of its people. Crime runs its grounds and Marv, the huge street thug will try to put an end to it.

Sleeper comics Forced to resume his mission and work as a double agent, special agent Holden Carver enters crime’s lair. Will he ever get out? Or will he choose to stay?

Stray Bullets comics A remorseless tale of crime and violence, a story connected through murders stressing the effects on both the lives of the perpetrator and its victim.

The Big Book of Martyrs comics A collection of true stories on saints and martyrs who died for Jesus` sake. Know about their lives, experiences, and the moments when they faced their gruesome deaths.

Why are you doing this graphic novel A bittersweet tale of mistaken identity. Alex runs for his life, jeopardized as he makes one unknowing look, making him the wrong man who did the wrong turn.

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Noir comics

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