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30 Days of Night comics Eben Olemaun holds all hope to save his town. By injecting vampire blood in his body, he will have to fight Vicente and save Borrow from 30 days complete darkness & doom.

Alison Dare graphic novel Published on May 2010, Alison Dare centers on the titular character, a bossy, headstrong but kind hearted 12 year old with a knack for both making trouble and chasing adventures.

Ballerina Mafia comics An up and coming online comics, Ballerina Mafia debuted on September 6, 2010 featuring furry characters in this gag a day webcomics based on the author’s hilarious experiences.

Criminal comics Center City is home to 2 generation of crime. In here we meet Leo Patterson, a perceived coward whose absence from the deadly limelight has made him even more dangerous.

Cyanide and Happiness comics Launched on January 26, 2005, Cyanide and Happiness is a rising web comics of various topics; all in cynical and offensive dark humor.

Desolation Jones comics Published in July 2005, Desolation Jones is a new comic series that follows ex spy Michael Jones. The only survivor of the Desolation Test, he is scarred, numb, and generally deadly.

Fell comics A decaying urban reeks of crime and poverty, Snowtown struggles to hope for the better and detective Richard Fell might just be the salvation they need.

Fullmetal Alchemist comics This is the story of brothers Edward & Alphonse Elric, gifted alchemists are in search for the Philosopher’s stone, a powerful object that can restore their bodies.

Girl Genius comics Centered on the young talented Agatha Clay Heterodyne; a gifted Spark especially skilled in creating and repairing mechanical and electrical devices.

Hack slash comics The new Hack Slash comics tells the story of slasher monster hunters, Cassie and Vlad. Two slasher victims now taking vengeance unto their own hands, this time predators becomes the prey.

Jimmy Corrigan comics Published in 2000, this new comics follows the cheerless existence of Jimmy Corrigan, hating his unhappiness, he often resorts living off in his imagination.

Nana comics This new manga comics tells the story of two young girls who’s only similarity is their first name. Realizing their differences only contributed to a trusty and lasting friendship.

Nickel Heroes comics Launched in 2009, Nickel Heroes rises with a collection of spine chilling tales, mysterious stories, and zombie teemed narratives for horror comic fans and readers.

Obama comic books Old and new comics has now found favor in featuring US President Barrack Obama on various comic books depicting his political achievements and some satire portrayal.

Owly graphic novel Debuting in 2004, Owly graphic novel centers on the titular character’s feats as he explores the forest making friends and doing something good and kind for all.

Pax Romana comics The pages of the Pax Romana new comics tells a story set in the future. A time when all seems lost and hope comes in a form of an unlikely invention, time travel.

Persepolis graphic novel The first ever Iranese comics, Persepolis shares to us the life during the Islamic revolution through the experiences of Marjane Satrapi, an outspoken Iranian girl whose rebellious manners often leads her to compromising situations.

Rice Boy graphic novel Debuting on April 2006, Rice Boy is a new graphic novel that features a surreal fantasy adventure following a little fellow hailed to be the fulfiller of an ancient prophecy.

Sleeper comics Left to die, an alien artifact bonds with Holden Carver, saved him and granted him powers. He will need it, crossing a criminal mastermind will need the very last bit.

Slightly Damned comics First released on March 2004, Slighly Damned webcomic follows Rhea Snaketail as she begins a series of misadventures stunning the world of limbo.

Teen Titans Go comics Debuting on November 2003, Teen Titans depicts a superhero team of teen super powered defenders ready to defend the world from villains, evil, and fight crimes.

The Adventures of Dr McNinja comics Launched on the Summer of 2004, this funny superhero comic follows a cliché ninja armed with super human skills and the ability to heal.

The Meek graphic novel A war nears and countries are overwhelmed with crime and chaos. Sensing the call for help, Angora, an inexperience teenager is sent to decide on the fate of humanity and the world.

The Phoenix Requiem graphic novel Completed in 2007, TPR follows a Victorian inspired tale of fantasy and the supernatural which follows Jonas Faulkner and Anya Katsukova as they discover certain realities once unknown.

Twokinds comics Launched on October 22, 2003, Twokinds is a rising webcomic that follows Trace Legend and Flora; of different race living a world torn by racial conflict.

Unbalance X Unbalance comics 19 year old Myung Jin Ho charms his way to the heart of his homeroom teacher Nah Hae Young. This new manga is follows love bloom in the most desperate situations.

W.I.T.C.H. comics A new comics that follows the extraordinary mission of 5 teenage girls as they were chosen to be the new Guardians of Kandrakar; the fate of the world rests in their hands.

Walking Dead graphic novel Rick Grimes wakes up in a world consumed by the undead and swarming with corpses. Joining a small group of survivors, he sets off to look for his family and escape the zombies.

Why are you doing this graphic novel Framed for the murder of his friend, Alex runs from the law and one hitman, all because he was at the wrong place who made one wrong turn.

xkcd comics Launched on September 2005, xkcd is a new and rising webcomic that focuses on various themes and subjects including math and science ideal for the tech crowd.

Zig and Wikki graphic novel Debuted on April 19, 2010, follow Zig and Wikki as they search a pet for school zoo. When the two got lost, they steered to planet earth to look for a creature to take back home.

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