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Apocalypse comics Obsessed with the philosophy, survival of the fittest, Apocalypse sees the weak unworthy of life. He is one of the original mutants, immortal, powerful, and pure evil.

Barbie comic books Follow Barbie`s exciting but still classy adventures as Marvel comics brings you stories of her bold and fashionably chic feats.

Captain America comics He is the world`s only super soldier. Once a frail young man, Steve Rogers was injected with an experimental serum, turning him into a classic superhero.

Carnage comics A lethal alien symbiote that bonded with a serial killer, Carnage is a walking disaster. He does not dream of world domination and power and creating chaos is merely his form of entertainment.

Criminal comics His perceived cowardice keeps him out of prison and the morgue. But Leo Patterson is a criminal genius, a crime prodigy; dangerous, lethal, deadly.

Daredevil comics Matt Murdock lost his sight to a radioactive substance, that same substance heightened his senses way beyond normal human abilities, thus begins his adventures as Daredevil.

Dr. Doom comics A powerful villain in Marvel Universe, Doctor Doom is among the gifted beings, he is a scientific genius whose powers and intellect can unleash havoc into the world.

Elfquest comics Follow the High Ones as they journey the vastness of the universe, searching for a suitable planet to live in, a world that can cater their constantly evolving needs.

Fantastic four comics Witness how the world`s first superhero team; four friends mutated during a space voyage save the world from the evils of Dr. Doom and other super villains.

Galactus comics He is the Devourer of the World, a prime antagonist that has battled many known superheroes but remains to exist. Galactus is almost omnipotent; he has the power to create and to destroy.

Green Goblin comics Norman Osborn had it all, a good son, wealth, and power. Wanting more, he injected a dangerous serum to himself, gaining superhuman strength but led to maniacal insanity.

Hulk comics He is a timid, reserved scientist; Dr. Bruce Banner lived a quiet life until the rays of a gamma bomb created him a monstrous inner self, a green unstoppable monster known as the Hulk.

Iceman comics Iceman is among the youngest member of X Men. Born Robert Bobby Louis Drake, his powers include dropping his internal and external body temperatures and discharge ice blasts.

Iron Man comics Mortally injured in an explosion and at the threat of death, Tony Stark creates a powered armor suit and becomes Iron Man, a superhero bound to protect humanity.

James Bond comics A fast paced, heart racing crime fighting adventures of Agent 007. Marvel comics James Bond narrates the world`s famous super spy and his exciting exploits as he solve crimes.

Jean Grey comics An original member of the X men, Jean Grey possesses telekinesis and telepathic powers making her achieve near limitless skills and abilities.

Kingpin comics A prominent supervillain in Marvel comics universe, Kingpin may not have super powers but he is armed with 400 pound muscles and a criminal mind enough to match the most powerful superhero.

Magneto comics He is X Men’s greatest enemy, Magneto created the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. He is the master of magnetism capable of creating and controlling it.

Quasar comics Wendell Vaughn is the Bearer of the Quantum bands and protector of the universe. With the alien powered bands, he safeguards the universe from threats of abuse and violence.

Spiderman comics He can shoot webs, posses spider strength, and has perfect balance and equilibrium. Spiderman is your friendly superhero, ready to take on his villains to protect the society.

Tomb of Dracula comics He is a popular villain in Marvel Universe, Count Dracula has a fought the toughest superheroes of his time and continues his blood sucking feats up to this day.

Venom comics He is among Spiderman’s archenemies, extraterrestrial specie in a costume form. Venom seeks a host to assume his villainous form only to let loose havoc and mayhem upon humanity.

Werewolf by Night comics Jack Russell inherits an ancient curse. When he turns 18, the 3 nights that nears a full moon, he will turn into a werewolf, a bestial alter ego that he will try to overcome.

Wolverine comics Wolverine lives with the rage of a beast and a samurai’s soul. He is a mutant, with retractable claws, a prime member of the X men determined to protect mankind from all harm.

X Factor comics A team of independent investigators posing as normal agents; the X factor team is composed of mutant hunters and superheroes trained to serve the society.

X men comics Trained to protect humanity, the superhero team of X men utilizes their powers for the benefit of good and faces various threats including those of their own.

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Marvel comics

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