Manga comics

Akira comics Read about the story of world’s most powerful psychic. Akira may seem like an ordinary boy, but his godlike mental abilities can lead to humankind’s destruction.

Astro Boy comics He possesses super powers and special skills, follow Astro Boy’s adventures as he saves the world from the dangers caused by both humans and robots.

Chis Sweet Home comics A curious kitten who answers to Chi (urine), thus became her name. Follow Chi and her mini adventures as she explores her now home, making friends and discovering things.

Dragon Ball comics Follow Goku and his team of super powered extra terrestrial allies in search of the seven dragon balls. Sent to destroy earth and the humans, he is now on a mission to protect it.

Fullmetal Alchemist comics Alchemist brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric lost their bodies in a failed attempt at using alchemy to revive their mother; they are now on a mission to restore themselves.

Ghost in the Shell comics Motoko Kusanag is a prosthetic cyborg who hunts technological terrorists; She seeks The Puppet Master, a cyber criminal who specializes on ghost hacking.

Kare Kano comics Souichiro Arima and Yukino Miyazawa are model students obsessed at gaining praise for their high grades and perfect statures, a front to cover up their real stubborn selves.

King of Hell comics Majeh, is a skilled swordsman and a powerful warrior from hell, he returns to his once sealed body and sets off to hunt demons and evil spirits that escaped into mortal world.

Lone Wolf and Cub comics Itti Ogami is an executioner for the Shogunate clan before he was accused of being a traitor. His wife was murdered but his son Daigoro survived and together, they seek for vengeance.

Nambul War Stories comics The 2nd Middle Eastern war drove Japan to invade Indonesia for a new source of oil. Economic crisis rose to further influence conflicts that range from personal to political.

Nana comics Two girls bear the same name yet possess very different personalities. One was dependent, seeking for fame and recognition, while the other dreams only of love and happiness.

Naruto comics Follow the adventures of Naruto Uzumaki as he tries to fulfill his dreams of becoming a powerful ninja, but not just any ninja, he wants to be the Hokage of Konohagakure.

Nausicaa comics She is the heir to the kingdom of Valley of the Wind. With the war between mighty empires tears apart her land, Nausicaa had no choice but to fight for her home.

Oldboy comics Shinichi Gotō was abducted and imprisoned for unknown reasons. Ten years later he was released. His questions needs answers, and he is determined to figure them out.

Ragnarok comics Chaos is an amnesiac Rune Knight trained to be a great warrior and lead his own people. As his memory starts to come back and his powers growing, he slowly unravels his past.

Sailor Moon comics Tasked with a mission to save earth and the galaxy, Usagi Tsukino and other Sailor Soldiers will have to defeat a series of villains headed to destroy the universe.

Twokinds comics Losing his memory to a mysterious battle, Trace Legend finds himself in the company of Flora, a Keidran who if he can recall is the race of his great enemies.

Unbalance X Unbalance comics Myung Jin Ho often finds himself in comprising situations with his teacher Nah Hae Yung, creating misunderstandings that steer them in a relationship outside of the classroom.

Youth Gone Wild comics She will someday manage Asia`s ultimate rock band, that is Lan Ya Tings greatest dream and she is willing to do anything just to make it happen.

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Manga comics

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