Humor comics

Abrafaxe comics Three good goblins: Abrax, Brabax, and Califax travels through time and space. Their adventures in this funny comics brings about hilarious experiences as they slowly discover and unfold the worlds greatest secrets.

Archie comics Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica, 4 teens caught in the whirlwind of hilarious mishaps between home and school, all resulting to trouble.

Ballerina Mafia comics Follow the daily gags of Ballerina Mafia’s furry characters, based on the author and his friends’ day to day oddities and comical mishaps.

Black Snow comics A failing superhero with his gang of misfit friends finds themselves in the middle of a vicious crime lords plan to rule the city, will Black Snow save them all before he creates another self destructing move.

Bone graphic novel Phoney, Smiley, and Fone Bone embarks on a journey to escape the anger of their town folks. They soon learn of the danger Boneville is in, decided to play superheroes and tries to fight the Dark Lord of the Locusts.

Business Casual comics He works with a couple of weird and annoying co workers. Pete goes through his everyday office life full of funny business misfortunes.

Calvin and Hobbes comics A gag comics that depicts of how a 6 year old boy and his talking stuffed tiger gives his unique views on mature issues and how he deals with his relationship among members of the society.

Chis Sweet Home comics The funny gags of the small white, gray, and black stripped kitten, Chi wanders about her new home as she makes new friends and finds amazing discoveries.

Ctrl+Alt+Del comics Centered on the Ethan MacManus, his moronic antics paired by roommate Lucas’ sidecomments, say hello to another gaming related puns, gags, and whatnots.

Cyanide and Happiness comics A dark humor webcomics, Cyanide and Happiness tackles topics of terrorism, self harm, vehicular manslaughter, rape and many others presented in colorfully drawn stick figures.

Dandy comics A humor comic book directed to a variety of characters inspired by the onset of WWII. Dandy comics cover displays Dandy Bellboy as he provides a sneak peak to the upcoming Dandy issues.

Dilbert comics Set mainly in the office, Dilbert is an engineer who does not socialize with his officemates. He works in a technology company where he creates bizarre inventions that never seems to work.

Doofus comics Doofus is a creepy, pudgy man who wanders around Flowertown USA with his pal Henry Hotchkiss; the duo causing trouble and mayhem along the way.

Dragon Ball comics A bunch of fighters and martial artists all with different techniques seek 7 magical dragon balls. Son Goku and his friends embark on a dangerous but fun adventure to save earth.

Far Side humor comics Noted for featuring anthropomorphic animals and nature, Far Side funny comics are mostly based on unlikely situations set on deserted islands, outer space, even on heaven and hell.

Garfield comics Follow Garfield, Jon, and Odie’s humorous quips in this comedy comics centered on Garfield’s obsession for lasagna and eating in general, laziness, and hatred for diets, exercise, and Mondays.

Gaston Lagaffe comics Centered on the everyday life of Gaston Lagaffe. This amusing comic strip follows Gastons efforts and outrageous excuses to avoid work only to lazily nap his day away.

Ghost World comics Enid and Rebecca are two cynic teenagers who criticize the 90s pop culture and the people. Intelligent and witty, they face an uncertain future with crappy jobs and romance less lives to hold onto.

Girl Genius comics With her gang of witty creations, Agatha Heterodyne embarks on a series of adventures, fleeing fellow Sparks that could be her potential ally or just there to use her.

Hagar comics Centered on the life and adventures of the world's most popular Viking, Hagar the Horrible gag comics is a humorous journey of a lovable Viking, both a brave warrior and a loving family man rolled into one.

HijiNKS ENSUE comics Centered in geeky topics, this webcomic strip features various subjects that range from cartoons, to comic books, sci, fi and the movies and tv shows of the 80s.

Kare Kano comics Kare Kano is a humor comics focused on the romantic relationship of Souichiro Arima and Yukino Miyazawa. These 2 high school students are famous in their school for being smart and perfect role models. Unknown to most that both are only wearing guises to cover up for their slob and indifferent attitudes at home.

Man Man comics The story of this gag comics that focuses on a humble janitor’s fiasco. A bite of a radioactive man allowed our silly superhero to gain proportionate abilities, strength, and speed of a man.

Mickey Rat comics A parody of the lovable Mickey Mouse, Mickey Rat`s antihero character is the exact opposite; sleazy, shallow, and crude.

Naruto comics He wants to become the most powerful ninja but his antics make him the village clown. Naruto may often make a fool of himself, but that is only in attempt of realizing his dream.

Oor Wullie comics Following the adventures of a 9 year old boy, Oor Wullie funny comics brings a true Scot comics icon. Appearing in The Sunday Post newspaper, his feats consists of numerous gags either accomplished alone or with his equally hyperactive friends.

Patoruzu comics Patoruzú is a funny comics that follows the titular character’s feats. Patoruzú is kind and wealthy with superhuman strength. He is often abused by greedy patrons but justice always ended up being served.

Sinfest comics Centered on Slick, a self proclaimed pimp and womanizer. Sinfest strips progress on the feats of Slick and how he handles the absurdities of life.

The Adventures of Dr McNinja comics Follow Dr. McNinja’s antics as he is torn between twin responsibilities that ask him both to heal and to kill, resulting to a series of crazy, funny troubles.

Treasure chest comics Inspirational stories that focuses on the fundamentals of Christian living and the fun and enjoyment that go along with it.

Unbalance X Unbalance comics A funny manga comics, Unbalance x Unbalance follows the student teacher love story between the rebellious Myung Jin Ho and his strict teacher Nah Hae Yung.

Uncle Scrooge comics Follow the feats of the world’s wealthiest duck. Together with Donald Duck and his nephews, they will travel to exotic locations in search for treasure and discover opportunities to improve business and a shot at adventure.

Youth Gone Wild comics Her ultimate dream is to manage Taiwan`s greatest rock band. Follow Yan LaTing`s funny feats as she struggles to turn her dream into a rock and rolling reality.

Zack Hill comics He is a hyperactive boy who never runs out of pranks to play. Zack Hill and his dog Cagney add trouble to their already unruly boarding house.

Zig and Wikki graphic novel The hilarious hunt of the naught looking alien and his computer best friend, follow Zig and Wikki as they search planet earth for the perfect school pet project.

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Humor comics

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