Horror comics

30 Days of Night comics Read about a cold and deadly vampire attack in the town of Borrow, Alask; a place that will see no sunlight for 30 days.

Black Hole comics A group of teenagers catches the teen plague, a sexually transmitted disease that develops bizarre physical mutations, ranging from webbed fingers to complete deformity.

Eerie comics Follow a classic series of supernatural narratives brought to you by Cousin Eerie. Read tales of creepy places and uncanny creatures created to deliver spine chilling stories.

From Hell comics A series of murders occur in the streets of 19th century London. Sir William Gull is Jack the Ripper, a monster impelled and deranged by the progressing deaths he has caused.

Hack slash comics Two highly contrasting partners, a young and attractive Cassandra “Cassie” Hack and Vlad, a gas masked enigmatic brute leads Hack Slash horror comics. Driven by one purpose, they seek out to hunt slasher monsters, a quest for justice and vengeance taken unto their own hands.

House of Mystery comics Read tales of supernatural beings and occurrences. Enter into the house of mystery where the unknown lurks, and all sorts of danger hides at every door.

I am legend comics I am Legend is a terrifying comics that follows Robert Neville’s struggle for survival. Left as the only man alive on Earth after a horrible pandemic which turned everyone into zombies. Robert survives on a daily basis, unsure of how long his zombie killing feat is gonna save him from turning into something he struggles hard to eradicate.

Lady Death comics The pages of Lady Death horror comics follows the titular character’s journey as she conquers hell. Battling both angels and demons, going as far as facing Lucifer himself just to wipe all the life on earth.

Nickel Heroes comics Read horrific tales of zombies, ghosts, and scary anti heroes featured in stories depicting suspense, crime, mystery, and adventure.

Sandman graphic novel A member of the family of endless, the Sandman has the power to control and disturb people in their dreams. He rules the realm of The Dreaming, a kingdom has to rebuild, again.

Tales from the Crypt comics Read a collection of scary tales told by the Crypt Keeper. This horror comics shares to you terrifying stories of dark creatures, vampires, ghouls, the undead searching for its next living prey.

The Phoenix Requiem graphic novel Supernatural beings, good and bad follow Jonas Faulkner. Wanting to begin a new life, he seeks answers to all his doubt, risking his life and those close to him.

Tomb of Dracula comics Count Dracula feeds on the blood of the innocent all the while being chased by a group of vampire hunters determined to put an end to his menace.

Vampirella comics She is a vampire who came to earth with a thirst for blood. But seeing human’s homegrown evil, Vampirella decides to protect man from the dangers of its own demons.

Walking Dead graphic novel Waking up from a coma and finding the world turned into zombie apocalypse might not be what Rick Grimes want for a welcome, especially when it wants him to be a part of it.

Werewolf by Night comics He struggles to overcome his inner demon, but as years passed Jack Russell learns to adapt and uses his hybrid form, a werewolf with superhuman strength and enhanced senses.

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Horror comics

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