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30 Days of Night graphic novel Centered on Eben Olemaun and his mission to save town of Barrow, Alaska; a place buried in darkness feasted on by vampires, for at least 30 dark, blood filled days.

300 comics An inspiring story chronicling the historical war brought about by Persias attempt to invade Greece. The Battle of Thermopylae, a clash between 300 Spartan warriors and the whole Persian army.

A History of Violence comics Mark McKenna repels an attempted robbery at his own café. An instant local hero whom everyone suddenly wants to meet, including the NY City Mafia he has successfully hidden from.

Alison Dare graphic novel The thirst for adventure runs in her blood as it runs in her family, a superhero dad and an archeologist mom, Alison would like her mark as well, but how? When she’s trapped behind school walls.

Amelia Rules comics Her parents divorce, a new life in a new town, this is no life for Amelia Louise McBride. But left with no choice, she has to cope up, keep her sanity and her new found, odd group of friends.

Batman comics Not a superhero per se, Batman resorts to his intellect and his advanced gadgets to chase and stop the crimes and the many budding nemesis of Gotham City.

Black Hole comics A summer in mid 70s recalls a horrible sexually transmitted disease in Seattle; the teen plague is causing bizarre mutations, forcing those affected to total seclusion.

Blankets graphic novel Craig Thompson’s autobiographical comics. It chronicles his life and experiences as a child, love and sexual issues, family struggles, and eventually his progress to maturity.

Bone graphic novel Follow the journey of three cousins, Phoney, Smiley, and Fone Bone as they embark on an adventure to save Boneville from the dangers of the Dark Lord of the Locusts.

Cairo graphic novel Set in contemporary Cairo, follow the journey of 6 interesting characters including the Devil himself. Driven by intrigue and conspiracy brought about by the stolen hookah, keeper of the East and the Under Nile of legend.

Captain America graphic novel Steve Rogers who was rejected from the army. Determined to serve his country, Rogers signed up to join the WWII Super Soldier program, his experiment was a total success, hence the birth of Captain America.

Danger girl graphic novel Follow the adventures of the best female operatives in the world. Danger Girl graphic novel chronicles a top secret, combat force composed of sexy heroines, Abbey Chase, Sydney Savage, JC, and Silicon Valerie.

Dragon Ball graphic novel Follow Son Goku as he travels far and wide in search of 7 magical dragon balls. Sent to destroy earth, he is now on a mission to save the planet and those who live in it.

Elfquest graphic novel Follow the journey of the High Ones. Elfquest graphic novel pursues their exploration to universe vastness. one world after the other, on a quest for a new home.

Emily the Strange graphic novel The pages of Emily the Strange graphic novel focuses on a strange 13 year old talented teenager. Emily is a counterculture character that represents individuality and uniqueness. She is known to wear the same black dress, detests the color pink, and owns 4 black cats.

Fables graphic novel Fairy tales and folklore characters are being forced out by their homelands by the savage The Avengers. This illustrated novel follows them as they travel to our world and created another Fabletown in New York City.

From Hell graphic novel Speculating on the identity and motives of Jack the Ripper, here is a likely story that brings the character of Sir William Gull as he performs the most famous serial killings of all time.

Ghost in the Shell graphic novel Following the feats of Major Motoko Kusanagi, a full prosthetic cyborg. Kusanagi leads the Public Security Section 9 whose mission is to keep off cyber criminals, hackers, and especially from The Puppeteer who commits numerous crimes through cyber – hacking.

Ghost World graphic novel An unnamed American town bears the mockery and criticism of two witty teenage girls. Enid and Rebecca recently graduated from high school, wanders their neighborhood assessing the pop culture and its people.

Green Lantern graphic novel Hal Jordan is Green Lantern, keeper of the power ring. He is a prime member of the Justice League determined to protect the Earth and the universe from all threats that come its way.

Hellboy graphic novel Anung un Rama is the world’s greatest paranormal investigator. More known as Hellboy, he is a powerful demon who chooses to fight for good, rather than evil.

Hulk graphic novel Follow the adventures of the Hulk. Exposed to the experimental gamma bomb scientist Bruce Banner transforms into an unstoppable monster with limitless strength, healing factors, and superhuman powers.

I am legend graphic novel The pages of I Am Legend graphic novel depicts a time when the earth was consumed by a pandemic that turned humanity into zombies. Robert Neville was the world’s only hope, the last survivor and his life is threatened, hangs by a thread by the time darkness covers the earth.

Iron Man graphic novel Follow the invincible Iron Man as he fights crimes, battles with evil and all the other threats that promise to harm humanity and the world.

James Bond graphic novel The pages of James Bond graphic novel focuses on the titular character’s feats as an SIS agent set out to solve perplexing crimes with keenness and undeniable superspy skills.

Jimmy Corrigan graphic novel He is a lonely man with a limited social life. Jimmy Corrigan has many personal issues and his emotional grudges push him to escape reality and unto his active imagination.

Joker graphic novel Centered on the clown prince of crime’s feats, Joker graphic novel highlights this iconic supervillain’s criminal mind which varies that of a trickster thief to a psychopath killer.

Jonah Hex graphic novel Preceded by a poor reputation, Jonah Hex walks with death and the acrid smell of gun smoke, an anti hero vowed to protect the innocent and fight injustice.

La Foire aux immortels graphic novel The story of La Foire aux Immortels graphic novel begins with the return of Alcide Nikopol to Paris. After serving time frozen in space, he returns to the 2023 Paris under the rule of J.F Choublanc which has left the place in total chaos being roamed with aliens and zombies. Teamed with the renegade god Horus, Nikopol will try to bring an end to the evil that consumed the 21st century.

Lone Wolf and Cub graphic novel Follow the story of Ogami Itti and his young son Daigoro. They are outlaws surviving as assassins for hire, seeking vengeance and justice.

Mad Love graphic novel The Batman Adventures: Mad Love graphic novel narrates how Harley Quinn came to be among the most dangerous Gotham City villains. The story starts off when Dr. Harleen Quinzel falls in love with the Joker, giving up her profession as a psychiatrist and turned to crime just to prove her love.

Maus graphic novel Based on firsthand experiences of Vladek Spiegelman; Maus recalls the horrors & fears of the Nazi occupation during WWII presented via the use of animals, the Jews being the mice and the German as cats

Metal Gear graphic novel Centered on the ongoing rivalry between Solid Snake and Big Boss, Metal Gear explores the nature of warfare, universal truths and realities in times when survival is most needed.

Nambul War Stories graphic novel This manhwa series & graphic novel depicts a military drama set in the second Middle Eastern war. Japan invades Indonesia for a new source of oil and conflicts soon arise, both personal and political.

Naruto graphic novel Follow Naruto as he accomplishes ninja missions with Sasuke and Sakura. The three are on their way to becoming powerful ninjas and Naruto, wanting to be the strongest of them all.

Nightwing graphic novel Follow the crime fighting adventures of Nightwing as he protects Bludhaven from the crimes of Black Mask and its corrupt government.

Owly graphic novel Follow the lighthearted stories of a cute and gentle owl, Owly as he faces slight dilemmas and obstacles with his companions, Wormy and Scrampy.

Palestine graphic novel Joe Sacco tells of his experiences, living amongst the Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip on December 1991 and January 1992. Palestine graphic novel serves as his recollection, a detailed retelling of what life is like in a terrorist ridden country.

Persepolis graphic novel A precarious and outspoken Marjane Satrapi shares to us her life; growing up at the time of Islamic revolution, when fundamentalists first gained power, imposing fear and prejudice.

Rice Boy graphic novel Centered on a little fellow of Matchwoods, Rice Boy chronicles the fantasy adventures of a surreal character hailed as the fulfiller of an ancient prophecy, which may or may not be true.

Sandman graphic novel Morpheus is the Sandman, Lord of Dreams. Once cruel, his imprisonment has softened vindictive manners and has taught him that one must change or die and make their own decisions.

Sin City graphic novel Sin City reeks with the smell of crime & prostitution. Marv, a huge street thug is among the few remaining citizens who seek the safety and protection of the innocents.

Spiderman graphic novel Dubbed as comics friendly neighborhood superhero, Spiderman goes about fighting villains and saving weak, armed with the powers of a radioactive spider.

Stray Bullets graphic novel Follow a gripping tale initiated by murder. As characters and themes reappear, so does a dark scheme that only crime and violence can muster.

Supergirl graphic novel Follow the superhero adventures of Supergirl as she upholds values of truth and justice in fighting evil and defending the universe from all forms of threats.

Superman graphic novel Superman is the man of steel, protector of the universe, his only weakness is the kryptonite but even that cannot stop him from fighting villains that promise danger and harm.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics On a mission to retrieve the Cavorite, the league of extraordinary gentlemen set goes after an oriental criminal mastermind, only to find out a conspiracy leading to their doom.

The Meek graphic novel Angora may be just an inexperience young teenager, but the fate of humanity already rests in her hands. As a looming war nears, she sets out to decide whether or not save the world.

The Phoenix Requiem graphic novel Centered on themes of love, faith, and death, TPR follows Jonas Faulkner and Anya Katsukova as they seek answers to supernatural occurrences which can danger both of their lives.

Transmetropolitan graphic novel Chronicling the battles of the infamous gonzo journalist, Transmetropolitan follows Spider Jerusalem as he attacks the injustices and corruption of the 23rd century.

V for Vendetta graphic novel An illustrated novel of a post apocalyptic series. A story of an anarchist’s noble but utterly bold and vehement movement against the totalitarian government.

Valerian graphic novel An illustrated novel set in the 28th century, a time when humanity has mastered space time travel. With such advancement came different forms of extra terrestrial threats.

Venom graphic novel To assume a villainous form, Venom has to bond with a host. He is a sentient alien who seeks the destruction of Spiderman and the whole of humanity.

W.I.T.C.H. graphic novel Follow the story of Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay. Five teenage girls who possess one of the powers of the 5 elements needed to protect the world from evil threats.

Walking Dead graphic novel Set in a world dominated by the undead, Rick Grimes is among the few remaining survivors who will continually strive to save themselves from turning into zombies.

Watchmen comics Looking deep into the superhero psyche, Watchmen follows a legion of superheroes whose moral roles has been put to stop; revealing a conspiracy that leads to a catastrophic future.

Why are you doing this graphic novel A deadly circumstance awaits one wrong turn. Alex is the wrong man, yet he runs and hides from a serial killer determined to dispose of his clueless existence.

Wolverine graphic novel In him is a raging beast fueled by his appalling past. Wolverine, with his healing factors with adamantium bones and claws, he becomes a powerful mutant and an ultimate weapon.

X men graphic novel Led by Professor Xavier, the superhero team X men trains to develop and control their powers to be of service to humanity and protect the world.

XIII graphic novel A man suffering from amnesia wakes up on the shores of Peacock Bay. His past is as unfamiliar to him as the XIII tattoo in his collarbone; the only lead to uncovering his real identity.

Yoko Tsuno graphic novel She is your all around woman, smart and stong. Yoko Tsuno graphic novel narrates an intelligent Japanese woman’s life and exciting adventures.

Zig and Wikki graphic novel Zig and Wikki is on a search for Zig’s school pet. But thanks to Wikki’s driving they got lost and was steered to planet earth, armed with a net and a shrink ray.

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