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Aquaman comics Follow the undersea adventures of Aquaman as he uses his super strength, powers, and abilities to protect and defend all sea life from dangers and threats.

Bone graphic novel Fleeing from the anger of their own folks, cousins Phoney Bone, Smiley Bone, and Fone Bone journeys to a mysterious valley where they learn of the misfortunes from that mystical place.

Captain Marvel comics When Billy Baston speaks the name Shazam, he turns into Captain Marvel, the world’s mightiest mortal and superhero ready to fight evil and crime.

Dragon Ball comics He was sent from another universe to destroy earth, a Saiyan race with super powers. But Son Goku has vowed to protect the planet he has come to call home.

Elfquest comics This fantasy comics tells the story of the elves of Elfquest as they go space faring, exploring the universe in search of new planets to settle in.

Fables comics The realm of the fantasy world has been conquered by The Adversary, savage creatures that forced all folklore and fairy tales characters out of their homelands. Left with no roof above their heads, the Fables heads out to our world, found settlement in New York City, and created Fabletown right in the hustle and bustle of the metro.

Fullmetal Alchemist comics Set in a fictional universe, follow the adventures of Edward & Alphonse Elric; two alchemist brothers who lost their bodies on a failed alchemy experiment.

Girl Genius comics Follow the amazing feats of Agatha Heterodyne, a gifted Spark with impressive heritage; making her a subject for other Sparks as she is either an asset or enemy.

Green Arrow comics Follow the crime busting adventures of Green Arrow, a superhero armed with archery skills, technology and martial arts to battle with crime and evil.

Green Goblin comics He rides the bat shaped Goblin Rider and wears a Halloween themed costume, Green Goblin is a dangerous and insane super villain who promises chaos wherever he goes.

Hawkman comics He is destined to be the reincarnation of an Egyptian prince; Hawkman yields archaic weaponry, a special Nth metal that grants him flight and other powers.

Jean Grey comics Possessing near limitless powers, Jean Grey carries the duties of being a mutant and an X men member, protecting humanity and the world from harm.

King of Hell comics The pages of King of Hell fantasy comics centers on a powerful warrior, a skilled swordsman whose full powers were sealed away from him. Majeh was able to gain his full dominance when Hell’s King returned him to his well preserved body, to hunt and capture evil spirits that escaped to the mortal world.

Nagraj comics Nagraj fantasy comics is focused on the titular character’s feats. The superhero of this action comics Nagraj is considered the most powerful superhero in his universe. He was created by Professor Nagmani who shaped him to be the Ultimate Killing Machine.

Naruto comics Sealed in him is the spirit of the nine tailed demon fox, a powerful kyuubi that allows Naruto to perform supernatural ninja powers and abilities beyond his age.

Nausicaa comics Follow the adventures of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind as she sets on a mission to fight for her kingdom. She has to protect her home from the war between mighty empires.

Ragnarok comics The mythology comics Ragnarok tells the life and adventures of the warrior Chaos. An amnesiac rune knight who struggles to remember his past and his true identity. Payon’s young leader Iris Irine and a powerful warlock Fenris Fenrir aids Chaos into becoming a great warrior.

Rice Boy graphic novel Set in the Red Age of Overside, follow the adventures of Rice Boy, a little fellow who loves to watch sunsets, listen to stories, and grow plants even without legs and arms.

Sailor Moon comics Usagi Tsukino is on a mission to save Earth and the whole galaxy. With the help of other Sailor Soldiers, this fantasy comics follows Sailor Moon as she battles off all threats for peace and justice.

Sandman graphic novel A dark fantasy graphic novel that follows the journey of the Sandman, ruler of the realm of Dreaming. He is the Lord of Dreams, once cruel and haughty but has softened after years of imprisonment.

Slightly Damned comics Rhea Snaketail is a sarcastic and agnostic Jakkai, when she died Death placed him in the Ring of Slightly Damned, making Rhea unworthy of heaven and hell.

Supergirl comics The last remaining survivor of planet Krypton, Kara Zor El is sent to earth to live where she takes the character of Supergirl, the girl of steel.

Superman comics Determined to protect the universe from all dangers and threats, Superman battles evil malicious super villains, making sure to keep humanity out of harms way.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics Follow the adventures of unique and legendary gentlemen as they seek out to reclaim the Cavorite, an anti gravity element, now in possession of an oriental criminal mastermind.

The Meek graphic novel The outside world may be unknown to her, but she has to fulfill a mission way beyond her years. Follow Angora as she leaves the familiarity of the jungle to save the world.

The Phoenix Requiem graphic novel A Victorian inspired fantasy tale of life, faith, and death. Follow Jonas Faulkner and Anya Katsukova as they discover certain things that will change their beliefs, forever.

Twokinds comics Trace Legacy lost his memory to a mysterious battle. He finds himself in the company of a loyal friend, Flora. Coming from a race he considers enemy, but alas, he can’t remember.

Vampirella comics She is a daughter of Draculon, a race of vampires who feeds on a river of blood. When drought took their source of life, Vampirella heads to earth in search for blood to save her planet.

W.I.T.C.H. comics Will, Irma, Tarenee, Cornelia, and Hay are the new protectors of the center of the Universe. Chosen to be the Guardians of Kandrakar, they are tasked to protect the world from evil.

Wonder Woman comics Being a founding member of the Justice League, an ambassador, and an Amazon Princess, Wonder Woman is bound by responsibilities, among them is to protect the world at all costs.

X men comics They are a superhero team of mutants trained for the benefit of humanity, the X men, led by Professor Xavier answers to the call of duty and helps those who are in need.

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