Drama comics

Blankets graphic novel An author’s autobiographical graphic novel. Follow Craig Thompson’s experiences as a child, his family, faith and social struggles, love and his coming of age as a man and artist.

Ghost World comics Follow the day to day lives of best friends and teenage girls, Enid and Rebecca. Set in an unnamed American town, the two struggles to cope up with the difficulties of the unfathomable adult life.

Kare Kano comics She is the most popular girl in school, pretty, smart, kind, and a fraud. Yukino Mizayawa would do anything just to remain on her high social status and Soichiro Arima is just as determined to take it away.

Nambul War Stories comics A military themed drama comics that set in the second Middle Eastern war which is centered on Hae Sung – leader of a viscous street gang responsible for the death of a Yakusa boss.

Nana comics Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu are two different girls bearing the same name, one seeks for fame and recognition, the other for happiness and love.

Nausicaa comics Heir to kingdom of the Valley of the Wind, Nausicaa had is on a mission to save her home. A war between mighty empires nears and she has to seek peace for sake of both man and nature.

Youth Gone Wild comics Lan Ya Ting is focused on one goal and one goal only, to create the ultimate rock band. Fate might not approve of it, but she is determined to make ultimate dream come true.

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Drama comics

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