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Akira comics This cyberpunk manga follows the story of a powerful psychic. Akira stopped publication on June 25, 1990 and is considered an important series to the history of comics.

Bone graphic novel Irregularly released from 1991 until 1994, Bone graphic novel follows the exciting and horrifying adventures of Phoney, Smiley, and Fone Bone as they try to save Boneville from harm.

Far Side comics A now a defunct comics that was once a popular one panel comic strip which features gags mostly performed by anthropomorphic characters.

From Hell comics An already terminated series since 1996, From Hell comics is based on the story of Jack the Ripper, a serial killer who caused a series of murders in the streets of 19th century London.

Ghost World comics Ending publication in 1997, Ghost World follows the story of Enid and Rebecca, 2 teenage girls who recently graduated from high school now wonders what life has in store for them.

Jo Zette and Jocko comics This already terminated comics tells the exploits of 2 kids, Jo and Zette and their pet monkey Jocko.

Lone Wolf and Cub comics Stopping publication on April 1976, this is the story of father and son, Ogami Itti and Daigoro. They roam around post war Japan as assassins for hire.

Maus graphic novel Ending its publication in 1991, Maus graphic novel is a literary winner by Art Spiegelman. It recalls the experiences of his parents during the Nazi occupation in WWII.

Nausicaa comics Stopping publication on March 1994, Nausicaa narrates the story of a princess and a warrior determined to protect her home and find peace for both man and nature.

Tarkan comics A now defunct comic book, Tarkan follows the mission of a might warrior and his loyal dog Kurt. Together, they embark on dangerous adventures; rescuing pretty damsels from the hands of the vicious Turkish Vikings.

Tomb of Dracula comics Ending publication on August 1979 after 70 issues, Count Dracula continues his reputation by playing villain to many of today’s famed superheroes.

Transmetropolitan comics A cyberpunk comic series, Transmetropolitan stopped its run in 2002. It followed the life of Spider Jerusalem, an influential gonzo journalist who can rage war through his articles.

Treasure chest comics Be inspired by stories of love, life, faith, and laughter. Treasure chest comics bring to you various accounts that relate family, friends, and values.

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Defunct comics

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