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100 Bullets comic books Are you ready to take justice unto your own hands and face its consequences? Agent Graves offers you a gun with 100 bullets; you decide your own fate.

A History of Violence comics Mark McKenna is a local café owner turned hero. He is a man of dangerous past, a past soon to be dug up and revealed by his unexpected flare with fame.

Aquaman comics A founding member of the Justice League and a prime superhero in DC Universe, Aquaman possess powers to rule and protect Atlantis and all of the undersea.

Batgirl comics She is often hailed as Batman`s female counterpart. Batgirl is your all around heroine as she bravely tackles on dangerous feats, battling evil and super villains.

Batman comics Bruce Wayne witnessed the murder of his parents. Seeking revenge on the crimes of Gotham City, he becomes Batman, a reserved and mysterious dark knight.

Cairo graphic novel A stolen hookah holds the secrets of the East and the Under Nile of Legends. Six highly different and enchanting characters set on a journey in search of the mystical hookah.

Captain Marvel comics Possessing the powers and abilities of 6 legendary figures, Billy Batson becomes Captain Marvel, the world’s mightiest mortal ready to defend the universe.

Darkseid comics He is the greatest threat to the DC universe; Darkseid seeks to control all living creatures. And wishes to shape the universe the way he likes it to be.

Doomsday comics Best known for the murder of Superman, Doomsday is a feared supervillain, a mindless and berserk monster who can assure chaos upon his presence.

Elfquest comics When the elves of Elfquest realize that their home slowly depletes from overpopulation, they are forced to explore the universe in search of a new one to coexist and survive.

Fables comics Fairytales and folklore characters were forced out of their homes, moving in Fabletown they will now have to cope up with lives that evolve on murder, mystery, & conspiracy.

Flash comics Follow the crime fighting adventures of Flash, the fastest man alive as he speeds way solving crimes and catching gimmicky villains of Central City.

Green Arrow comics A founding member of the Justice League, Green Arrow is among the finest archers in DC Universe. He makes trick arrows with special & unique functions used in fighting crimes.

Green Lantern comics A prime member of the Justice League; Green Lantern possess the power ring. A powerful weapon that allows him to do anything provided with the users willpower and strength.

Hawkman comics A winged superhero, Hawkman is armed with the special Nth metal that grants him flight and other super power and abilities to fight crime and protect the world.

House of Mystery comics Joining in the horror comics craze of the 1950s, DC published a comic collection of eerie stories, mysterious occurrences, and supernatural beings.

I am legend comics Robert Neville is the sole survivor of a pandemic that turned everyone into undead. To continue surviving, he fights hordes of zombies armed only with garlic, wits, and booze.

Impulse comics Bart Allen a.k.a Impulse was born with a hyper accelerated metabolism. Follow his adventures as he speeds his way to help maintain the universe in peace.

James Bond comics He is an SIS agent who tackles crime busting feats. Smart and skilled, James Bond solves the most elaborate crimes and the bust the most dangerous criminals.

Joker comics He is among the most celebrated comic book super villain, the clown prince of crime; The Joker finds contentment in evil, injustice, pain and the suffering of others.

Jonah Hex comics Marked by a scarred face, Jonah Hex is the cynical anti hero, a civil war veteran turned bounty hunter bound to fight injustice and protect the innocent.

Mad Love comics Harley Quinn was a psychiatrist, but after spending time with Joker in Arkham Asylum, she falls for him, turned to crime and tries to kill Batman in order to win Joker`s love.

Martian Manhunter comics He is an extraterrestrial character, a member of the Justice League who uses his extraordinary abilities to fight off threats against the strange planet he has come to favor.

Nightwing comics Dick Grayson strips off the Robin suit and slips on Nightwing’s costume. He battles Black Mask to fight and protect Bludhaven and its people.

Question comics Brilliant and famous in his field, Vic Sage is a clever detective whose complex crimes are solved behind the guise of the Pseudoderm, a highly toxic artificial skin mask.

Riddler comics He is the crown prince of conundrums; the Riddler's fascination for riddles and puzzles makes him a dangerous threat to creating complex crimes.

Robin comics Hailed as the patron saint of all side kicks, Robin patrols alongside Batman as the Caped Crusaders secures and protects Gotham City.

Sandman graphic novel Morpheus is the Lord of Dreams; he was imprisoned for several years by an occultist. When he escaped, he sought for his objects of power and started rebuilding his realm, the Dreaming.

Supergirl comics Kara Zor El is Supergirl, hailed as the girl of steel. Supergirl is a classic superhero who stands for justice and truth and the American way.

Superman comics Follow the superhero adventures of Superman as the man of steel battles super villains and fights all threats against humanity and the universe.

The Big Book of Martyrs comics An exceptional comic book centered on the lives of Jesus` followers. Read about how the martyrs suffered and how they faced death in exchange for keeping their faith.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics The league is consists of the unique and legendary adventurers. Led by Alan Quatermain, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen awaits and answers to England’s call.

Transmetropolitan comics Follow the gonzo journalist, Spider Jerusalem as he fights the corruption and abuse of the 23rd century. Transmetropolitan mirrors a futuristic world, turning more dystopian than ever.

V for Vendetta comics A vigilante is on a quest to awaken the people, to fight against their totalitarian government. V is a callous anarchist with a burning desire for revenge.

Watchmen graphic novel When Rorschach uncovers a disturbing conspiracy in the death of Comedian, he reconnects with his old teammates; a legion of retired superheroes who can help stop a catastrophic future.

Wonder Woman comics Wonder Woman imposes ideals of love, justice, and peace. Being a super heroine, she carries these values as she protects the weak and the needy.

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