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2000 ad comics collection A comic collection composed of separate stories featuring Judge Dredd as he struggles to bring peace and order to the chaotic Mega City One.

Amelia Rules comics A comics anthology following the tough, tomboy 5th grader Amelia Louise McBride. She moves to a new town, to a new life, and whole bunch of new odd friends to keep her sane.

Archie comics A compilation of Archie and friends gags and jokes as these teens demonstrates the life, dealing with school and home in a whirlwind of never ending fun.

Daredevil comics Collected comic editions of the famous Marvel comics superhero Daredevil, a respected lawyer by day and a ruthless superhero by night.

Dilbert comics He is an engineer who loves to create unique inventions. Dilbert`s daily work experiences often deals with his business misfortunes and other office gags.

Elfquest comics What happens when a community of highly different species of aliens and elves tries to coexist and survive in one primitive planet? Elfquest takes you to a collection of comics focused on a fictional humanoid aliens’ quest for a new world to call their home.

Far Side comics A comic collection of several strips containing various Far Side gags and issue, all of which is interpreted in a satirical point of view.

Hellboy comics A comic collection following the adventures of brother red, Hellboy. Conjured by Nazi occultist to aid them in their dying cause, but ended up joining the forces of good, rather then evil.

House of Mystery comics A collection of mysterious stories and tales of supernatural fare, enter into a house made to deliver fear and terror to whoever dares knock its doors.

Jo, Zette and Jocko comics Jo, Zette, and Jocko’s anthology comics chronicles the adventures of brother and sister Jo and Zete Legrand and their monkey Jocko. Lost while enjoying their vacation, the three finds themselves ending up in the most unlikely places and are constantly being chased by mad scientists

Maus graphic novel A comics anthology that narrates true accounts based on the experiences of Vladek Spiegelman; depicted using anthropomorphic animals, the Jews being mice, and the Germans as cats.

RAW comics A collection of alternative themed comic stories; RAW featured up and coming comic artists and creators of the 80s who changed the comics we know today.

Sin City comics Marv is a street thug, both ruthless and righteous. He roams the crime infested Sin City in search of the young and innocents to save and protect.

Tales from the Crypt comics A comic compilation of various Tales from the Crypt comics issues. This comic collection traces back to Return from the Grave stories told by the Crypt Keeper.

Valerian comics A comic collection of Valerian comic boos, following the space and time adventures of the titular character and his red haired companion Laureline.

Weirdo comics Comic compilation of assorted weirdness, Weirdo holds various stories of sensitive subjects, unlikely topics and other dubious tales.

X Factor comics A comic collection of X factor issues; it follows the top secret missions and operations of the chosen mutant hunters meant to preserve peace in the world.

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