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Archie comics Centered on Archie Andrews, an average American teen with a knack at making trouble, follow him and his friends in a frenzy of gags, wits, and altogether fun.

Bamse comics He is the worlds strongest bear. Every morning Bamse eats his Grandmas thunder honey to help people in need and fight off evil doers.

Barbie comics Accompanied by Ken and her friends, Barbie embarks on various adventures that is not only rich in style but of values as well.

Calvin and Hobbes comics Calvin is a 6 year old boy fueled with so much life and imagination, tackles on numerous feats with his trusty "live" stuffed tiger, Hobbes.

Ctrl+Alt+Del comics He is a 21 year old video game fanatic, an amateur artist full of off beat frolicking. Paired with Lucas, the sarcastic roommate, the two survives daily havoc armed with wits unknown to man.

Cyanide and Happiness comics Presented in colorfully drawn stick figures, Cyanide and Happiness is an online comic that tackles various topics; disability, self harm, murder, terrorism, and more.

Dandy comics Dandy Bellboy graces the cover of Dandy comics as he presents readers a sneak peak on the comics upcoming issues.

Dilbert comics Dilbert does not socialize with his workmates; he creates weird inventions that do not seem to succeed and his business experiences are often filled with witty and humorous gags.

Disney comics Unforgettable heartwarming tales brought to life my loveable characters; Disney delivers classic, well loved stories that continue to be all time favorites by kids of all ages.

Doofus comics This is the story of two foolish creeps, Doofus and his pal Henry Hotchkiss trouble causing whereabouts as they wander around Flowertown USA.

Far Side comics Based on catastrophic situations, Far side comic strip presents these settings in a satire version that frequently incorporates the use of both nature and animals in compromising events.

Garfield comics Follow the everyday exploits of Garfield and his obnoxiously funny lasagna loving character. Teamed with his geeky owner Jon and a long eared beagle, Odie, the trio sets up a comical ludicrous team.

Gaston Lagaffe comics A comic strip focused on Gaston Lagaffe’s constant efforts at avoiding his work. This lazy and accident prone office junior sets a comical display of gags supported by his cheerful self.

Hagar comics Hagar the Horrible comic strip is focused on the worlds most popular Viking. He is presented as an overweight shaggy Viking with red beard and a poor hygiene.

HijiNKS ENSUE comics Joel, Josh and Eli, three geeks out to conquer day to day geekery that comprise subject matters ranging from sci fi, comic books, cartoons, tv shows, and more.

James Bond comics James Bond comic strip chronicles the action packed feats of an SIS agent. Bond, James Bond, also known as Agent 007 is famous for his sleek crime fighting ways topped with a dinner jacket and his “vodka martinis “shaken, not stirred.

Oor Wullie comics The pages of Oor Wullie comic strip narrates the gags of a 9 year old boy as he goes about the day plotting scams to become rich instantly. Accompanied by his friends, the lot brings an entertaining familiarity known to the Scottish culture.

Patoruzu comics The pages of Patoruzu comic strip chronicles the life of the last descendant of the fictional Tehuelche Patoruzek dynasty. Patoruzu posses a kind heart and superhuman strength, one that he acquired from eating soup made of an extinct giant animal bones.

Sad Sack comics Following the experiences of a soldiers military life. Sad Sack comic strip depicts a lowly GIs experiences during the second world war. It also recalls and shares the humiliations and the absurdities of a US army private while in service.

Sinfest comics A self proclaimed pimp and womanizer; Slick is Sinfest main character, a young adult with a child like appearance who makes it his goal to convince Monique to sleep with him.

Slightly Damned comics When Rhea Snaketail died, Death met her and placed him in the Ring of Slightly Damned, a limbo for those undeserving of heaven and hell.

The Big Book of Martyrs comics Will you give your life in exchange for your faith? Will you risk the lives of others for religion? Read about the true stories of men and women who faced death for beliefs sake.

Treasure chest comics Know the teachings inspired by the life and experiences of heroes, martyrs and saints. Understand the morals of Christianity and appreciate the values they live by.

V for Vendetta comics V is a masked anarchist, a victim of a lethal experiment who emerged as a sole survivor. This comic strip follows his feats nourished by hate, vengeance, and cruel tenacity.

xkcd comics Varying from several themes and subjects, xkcd tackles matters of love, life, humor, sarcasm and even complicated topics of mathematics and science.

Zack Hill comics Follow the gags of a hyperactive 10 year old and his loyal dog Cagney. Zack lives with her widowed mother who manages a boarding house full of weirdo.

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