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2000 AD comic books Featuring futuristic superheroes and imaginative accounts such as the Harlem Heroes and their futuristic sport of aeroball, a couple of secret super agents, and other robot fighting protagonists.

30 Days of Night comics A story of how the usually vulnerable to sunlight vampires feasted on the town of Barrow, Alaska as they are doomed in darkness for 30 whole days.

300 comics book series Frank Millers acclaimed retelling of Herodotus famous battle between 300 brave Spartan warriors against an entire mass of Persian army. 300 recalls how the proud Spartans army emerged victorious.

Abrafaxe comic book series Abrax, Brabax, and Califax sets on a special adventure. Follow the trio of friendly goblins as they venture on to the dangers of worlds end and beyond.

Akira comics Follow the story of the most powerful psychic. He is Akira, held in a cryo stasis for many years because of his powers, so destructive that it can harm everyone including himself.

Amelia Rules comics Leaving Manhattan and moving to a new town, Amelia is as grumpy as ever. But thanks to her super cool Aunt Tanner Clark and a bunch of odd friends, she sure will cope up pretty soon, hopefully.

Apocalypse comics Apocalypse is a monstrous tyrant, a powerful nemesis of the X Men. He is among the first mutants to walk the world; immortal, vicious, and believes in no mercy.

Aquaman comics A prime member of the Justice League and an essential superhero in DC Universe, follow the undersea adventures of Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas.

Archie comics His freckled cheeks and red hair best describes Archie, not to mention the series of gags and troubles him always gets into.

Astro Boy comics This serialized comics narrates the adventures of Astro Boy, a robot with exceptional skills and powers and human emotions that drives him to keep humanity safe.

Bamse comics Its story revolves on the worlds strongest cuddly brown bear who keeps his super strength by eating Grandmas jar of thunder honey, allowing Bamse to help those in need.

Barbie comics Barbie comic book series narrates Barbie, Ken, and her friends impelling adventures in the world of fashion, friendship, and fun.

Batgirl comic book series Armed with superior detective skills and crime fighting techniques, Batgirl goes along side Batman and Robin, eliminating crime and protecting Gotham City.

Batman comics Hailed as the world’s greatest detective, Batman proves to be an excellent tactician, always thinking ahead of his villains and foes, ensuring a crime busting feat in Gotham City.

Black Hole comics Horrible mutations are taking place in an encampment in the woods of Seatle`s suburbs. Teenagers are growing tails, webbed hands, full blown boils, causing total deformity.

Blacksad comics John Blacksad is a private investigator off untangle a deadly web of conspiracies. As one story uncovers the other, John will have to face the risk of bringing truth to surface.

Captain America comics Steve Rogers is a vulnerable young man whose life is bound to change when Dr. Erskine injected him with an experimental serum, a perfect experiment that gave birth to Captain America.

Captain Marvel comics He possesses the skills of 6 legendary figures; follow the adventures of Captain Marvel as he bravely brace the threats of evil and crime to keep earth safe.

Carnage comics Chaos is Carnage’s definition of pleasure and fun. A lethal alien symbiote bonded in the blood stream of a serial killer, Carnage makes a murderous threat to humanity.

Criminal comics A crime prodigy, dangerous and deadly. Leo Patterson may be out of crimes way but the people around him are determined to get him back on track.

Danger girl comics They are the worlds best female operatives. Danger girl narrates a top secret combat force of heroines taking on deadly missions, armed with state of the art ammunition, wits, and killer beauty and charm.

Darkseid comics To rule the universe is Darkseid, God of Evil’s ultimate mission. He is one of the New Gods, a powerful threat to all living creatures whom he wishes to fully control.

Desolation Jones comics Michael Jones appears weak and empty but he is mentally strong and deadly. A desolation test survivor and an ex spy, Jones is in every way a dangerous biological threat.

Dirty Plotte comics Julie Doucet shares exceptionable topics, her most eccentric fantasies and various imaginations that lead to unlikely scenarios.

Disney comics Classic stories, lighthearted, funny, and full of learning complete with the collection of many unforgettable tales and characters, that’s Disney.

Doomsday comics He finds joy in destruction, Doomsday is a murderous monster created to survive and to kill. He has no emotions except for hatred and rage.

Dr. Doom comics Dr. Victor von Doom, a scientific genius whose hunger for fame and power leads to use his intellect for dominating the world, making sure to destroy those who stands in his way.

Dragon Ball comics They seek seven magical dragon balls to summon a wish granting dragon. Son Goku, a Saiyan with super powers and abilities will lead a quest to save the earth.

El Eternauta comics Comic serials that chronicles one man`s journey through space in search of his family. Juan Salvo, one of the remaining survivors to earth`s fatal humanoid invasion, El Eternauta narrates yet another tale of man`s havoc against extra terrestrial species.

Elfquest comics A fantasy comic book series which chronicles the lives of the High Ones, highly advanced aliens who possess psychic powers and does not die of old age.

Emily the Strange comics A serialized comic book that revolves around a counterculture character. An icon of individuality and distinction, Emily is cool in her uncool way. She is an artist, an inventor, a scientist, a skater, a dreamer who follows no one but herself.

Fables comics Consumed by conspiracy and crime, Fables comic book narrates how the fantasy realm has been conquered by The Adversary. There is but a faint hope left and the Fables are forced to leave their homeland and start a new life in Fabletown.

Fantastic four comics After being exposed to cosmic rays, Dr. Reed, Ben, Johnny, and Sue suddenly gained extraordinary powers thus launched their superhero career. Fantastic Four serialized comics chronicles the team`s exploits, battling Dr. Doom`s evils and discovering new dimensions.

Fell comics Snowtown is a feral city, dangerous even to its own. As Richard Fell moves to his new post, he is determined to stretch authority to its limit, just to save the place.

Flash comics Hailed as the fastest man alive, The Flash takes on superspeed skills to protect Central City from gimmicky villains who threatens the its peace.

From Hell comics Sir William Gull is Jack the Ripper, perpetrator of a series of murder in London in the late 1900s. Driven by Masonic vows, he kills a bunch of prostitutes that threatens the throne.

Fullmetal Alchemist comics Edward and Alphonse Elric are gifted alchemists, in their attempt to revive their mother they lost their bodies. Follow their journey as they search for a way to restore their real forms.

Galactus comics Hailed as the world eater, Galactus is the ultimate nemesis, a supervillain hunted by many known superheroes. He has omnipotent powers is capable of creation and annihilation.

Ghost World comics Two teenage girls and best friends struggle to maintain their identities as the pressures of an uncertain future continuously trouble them. Enid and Rebecca face adult life while holding on to the bond that keeps them sane.

Girl Genius comics A gifted young Spark with impressive heritage, Agatha Heterodyne embarks on various adventures as she finds it hard to trust anyone who can easily be a friend or foe.

Green Arrow comics Oliver Queen fronts a rich, industrialist billionaire at day, but at night he becomes the vigilante superhero Green Arrow, a fine archer and protector of Star City.

Green Goblin comics Don in Halloween themed costume, Green Goblin is a perverse and insane super villain who raises havoc in New York City and causing Peter Parker a whole lot of trouble.

Green Lantern comics Hal Jordan succeeds a dying Abin Sur. As the new Green Lantern, he now yields the power ring and lantern, the world’s powerful but dangerous weapons allowing him to do anything.

Hack slash comics This serialized comic book is focused on the young and attractive slasher hunter, Cassie Hack and his gas masked partner, the big and enigmatic Vlad. Driven by vengeance, together they set out, stalking the Meatman Killer.

Hairbutt the Hippo comics A comic book serial that tells the story of a private detective, anthropomorphic hippopotamus who uses a rather rude approach to solving his cases.

Hawkman comics Armed with weapons of ancient origins and skills in martial arts, Hawkman becomes a winged superhero to carry out a mission in keeping the world from harm.

Hellboy comics Follow the adventures of the red skinned demon who fought along side the forces of good. Summoned to Earth by Nazi occultist, he grew up raging war against the dark side, including those who brought him here.

House of Mystery comics Creepy stories, mysterious occurrences and creepy beings lurk in the pages of House of Mystery, where uncanny tales awaits to deliver a spine chilling saga.

Hulk comics Caught in the rays of a gamma bomb, scientist Dr. Bruce Banner gained a monstrous alter ego, the Hulk. When transformed, he becomes a green unstoppable monster with superhuman abilities.

Iceman comics Iceman comic book series follows the .life of Robert “Bobby” Louis Drake, more commonly known as Iceman. He is a member of X men’s young team of mutants. Iceman can drop his body temperatures and turn into solid ice and has the ability to shoot ice blasts.

Impulse comics The story of Impulse comic serial revolves around the life and superhero adventures of the titular character whose real name is Bart Allen. Bart is the grandson of Barry Allen (The Flash), he suffers from a hyper accelerated metabolism making him age faster than that of a normal being.

Iron Man comics A millionaire and a playboy, Tony Stark is the man behind Iron Man; dedicated to rescue, save, and protect humanity from harm and danger.

James Bond comics James Bond comic book series presents a suave Agent 007 that’s different from his usual gimmick ridden formats. Follow Bond’s sleek crime busting performance mixed with wits and guts.

Jean Grey comics Follow the feats of Jean Grey struggles to balance his superhero duties from being an Omega level mutant and the physical manifestation of the cosmic Phoenix Force.

Jo, Zette and Jocko comics Focused on the adventures of brother and sister, Jo and Zette Legrand and their pet monkey Jocko, this comic book series follows the lot as they tries to escape a mad gang of scientist following them to the most unnatural places.

Joker comics The Joker comic book series chronicles the life and crimes of Gotham’s well hated supervillain. Joker’s atrocity contributed greatly to the city’s worries and Batman’s tragedies.

Jonah Hex comics Death and the acrid smell of gun smoke accompanies Jonah Hex, his name is whispered in fear, a bounty hunter known as the Mark of Death.

Kaliman comics This Mexican serialized comics follows the feats of Kaliman and a young Egyptian kid, Solin. The two sets on a mission to preserve justice and fight off evil. Armed with the no superhuman powers, Kaliman defends the weak through his enhanced martial arts skills and mental abilities.

Kare Kano comics Yukino Miyazawa leads this serialized comic manga, a teenage girl who loves to be praised and so she tries to always be at her best and perfect. All was going well until Souichiro Arima goes to their school and discovered her well hidden secret, pushing her to compromise, to change, and to love.

Kingpin comics Wilson Fisk is a feared crime lord; a criminal mastermind whose lack of super powers is sufficed by his 400 pound muscle packed being that can match anyone’s super powers.

Lady Death comics Lady Death comic book series centers on a once normal mortal, a girl named Hope. Growing up filled with pain and suffering, she fled to hell’s repose. Her journey as Lady Death called for battling both demons and angels, all to fulfill her only goal; everybody’s death.

Lex Luthor comics Follow Lex Luthor’s ruthless plans as he continuously plot ways of killing Superman, his must destroyed adversary before he can commence world domination.

Magneto comics He is the X Men’s primary nemesis. Magneto is a powerful mutant, a leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants determined to enslave the inferior humankind.

Mickey Rat comics Follow the exploits of Mickey Rat, an amoral, sleazy, and opportunistic antihero who is capable of all crude deeds imaginable.

Nagraj comics This serialized Indian comics follows the story of the most powerful superhero in Raj Universe. Created by Professor Nagmani, Nagraj was meant to be the Ultimate Killing Machine whose powers were enhanced from the bits of snake poison fed to him.

Naruto comics His ultimate dream is become a Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki strives to prove himself worthy. A nine tiled demon fox sealed inside him might become useful, if not destructive.

Obama comic books US President Barrack Obama grace the pages of several comic book series as comic book artists, writers, and publishers capture him in various depictions, all of which pay tribute to his title and political experiences.

Oldboy comics Old boy comic book series focuses on Shinichi Gotō’s abduction and 10 year imprisonment in a private jail. When he was set free, Shinichi immediately sets out to hunt down his abductors and uncover the reason why he was captured.

Pax Romana comics Pax Romana comic book series sees the future where the Catholic Church tumbles into extinction. When time travel was perfected, the church relied on it for hope, a chance to restore its former glory.

Quasar comics Quasar comic book series tells the story of Wendell Elvis Vaughn, more commonly know as Quasar. He wears 2 powerful Quantum bands that help him protect the universe from danger.

Question comics This serialized comic book centers on a faceless detective, ruthless and smart. The Question is Vic Sage, a tv journalist whose famous public identity is hidden by a toxic mask that aids him in solving his otherwise complex cases.

Rahan comics This comic serial follows the the life and adventures of Rahan: Son of the Savage agaes. Left with no home, Rahan travels the land, extending kindness and goodwill to all he meets along the way.

RAW comics Featuring a whole new generation of comic creators and artists, RAW introduced various stories that influenced today’s comics.

Riddler comics The Riddler longs for attention and popularity. He is fascinated by riddles and puzzles and to make himself known, he commits mind challenging crimes to stir chaos in Gotham City.

Robin comics Follow the feats of Robin as he helps Batman battle crimes and protect Gotham City, armed with highly advanced gadgets and martial arts abilities.

Sad Sack comics The Sad Sack comic book series tells a lowly soldier’s experiences in the military. Sad Sack, shortened term for “sad sack of shit” which was common during World War II.

Sailor Moon comics An ordinary girl is tasked with an extraordinary mission. Usagi Tsukino takes the lead in the comic book series, Sailor moon. With the help of other Sailor Senshi, she will have to protect the earth and the whole galaxy from the threats that are coming their way.

Sin City comics Marv is a huge street thug, he suffers from an unnamed mental disorder but this doesn`t stop him from protecting the women and the innocents from the cruel crimes of Sin City.

Sleeper comics Double agent Holden Carver can store pain and pass it on. Trapped on a mission, he struggles to get out of the stint, his sole salvation sleeps away in a coma.

Sonic the Hedgehog comics Sonic fights alongside the Freedom Fighters, a team dedicated to counter and stop Dr. Robotnik’s evil plans of ruling Mobius, the futuristic earth.

Spiderman comics Bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker gains the powers and senses of an arachnid. He shoots webs, climb walls, and has superhuman strength needed for his superhero feats.

Stray Bullets comics Connected thru large cast of recurring characters, Stray Bullets delivers a tale of violence, while stressing that man is not entirely evil, it’s his actions that makes him.

Supergirl comics Kara Zor El is Supergirl, the last remaining survivor of Krypton; she takes on a superhero role and protects the earth and the universe from all threats.

Superman comics Follow the man of steel as he battles super villains and tries to bring an end to all evil and threats that may harm humanity and the whole universe.

Tales from the Crypt comics A journey to plights of hair rising tales from the chilling storyteller, the Crypt Keeper. Tales from the Crypt comic book sereis brings to you the stories of fright and dread.

Tarkan comics The pages of Tarkan comic series tells the adventures of a warrior and his loyal companion. Tarkan and his dog Kurt are on a mission to protect a political leader’s daughter from the evils of the Turkish Vikings.

Teen Titans Go comics Follow the feats of Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy as the Teen Titans patrols the planet ready to fight villains, crime and all of the earths evil.

The Big Book of Martyrs comics Giving account on saints & martyrs who lost their lives for religion; this comics narrates the experiences of those who would rather embrace death rather than give up their faiths.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics A menagerie of unique and legendary individuals to heed England’s call. The league of extraordinary gentlemen sets out to retrieve a stolen Cavorite, a dangerous anti gravity element.

Tomb of Dracula comics Follow Count Dracula’s blood sucking feats. Hounded by a group of vampire hunters, Dracula fights them off and all other supernatural risks that come his way.

Transmetropolitan comics Spider Jerusalem is a dangerous and influential investigative reporter & gonzo journalist. After years of self exile, he is now back to doing the old job he hates, back in the city he detests.

Treasure chest comics Learn about the fundamentals of Christian living. Be inspired by the lives, suffering, and experiences of saints, martyrs, and heroes.

Uncle Scrooge comics Scrooge Mcduck’s rich stature is heightened by his frugality. With Donald and his nephews trotting along, gags now add to his otherwise serious feats at becoming wealthier.

Valerian comics Valerian and Laureline are Spatio Temporal Agents. Along with other space police, they will protect the 28th century from the threats of rouge time travelers.

Vampirella comics Follow the feats of Vampirella as she tries to help fight humanity’s own evils. She traveled to earth in search for blood but ended up protecting the ones she intends to feed on.

Venom comics He is one of Spiderman’s most vicious nemeses, a crazed maniac and a powerful super villain, Venom is a sleek criminal capable of evil and havoc.

W.I.T.C.H. comics This serialized comics narrates of 5 teenage girls tasked with a very dangerous mission; to be the Guardians of Kandrakar, protectors of the universe.

Watchmen comics A limited comic series that follows a legion of retired superheroes. As a disturbing conspiracy uncovers, they set off to stop it and prevent a catastrophic future coming their way.

Weirdo comics Keeping the spirit of alternative comics, Weirdo comic series continued delivering stories of unusual subjects accompanied by bizarre comic arts.

Werewolf by Night comics Follow Jack Russell as he fights the evils of our world. He is a victim of an ancient curse, a werewolf by night who choose to get rid of the demons that plague humanity.

Wolverine comics Armed with adamantium skeleton and claws, animal like senses and accelerated healing factors, Wolverine portrays a powerful superhero mutant laudable to join the X men.

Wonder Woman comics Follow Wonder Woman’s exciting adventures as she battles along side Justice League and other superheroes in fighting for order, equality, justice, and peace.

X men comics Follow the feats of the X men, a team of super powered mutants as they fight off threats to humanity and prove that they too are worthy heroes.

XIII comics He is an amnesiac with a XIII tattoo in his collarbone. As he seeks to regain his past, he too will soon uncover hidden conspiracies, making him a subject for assassination.

xkcd comics A collection of select xkcd comics, xkcd: volume 0 was released on September 2009 as a fundraiser published by breadpig and for benefit of Room to Read.

Yoko Tsuno comics This comic book series chronicles the travels and adventures of a modern competent woman. Yoko, together with Pol and Vic sets off to embark on fun adventures here and outer space.

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