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Alison Dare graphic novel Follow the feats of 12 year old Alison Dare and her best friends Wendy and Dot as the three embarks on a series of adventures, uncovering secrets and breaking school rules.

Amelia Rules comics Amelia Louise McBride is the new kid in town, a smart, boyish 5th grader. Amelia may be tough outside but deep down is surprisingly sweet and caring.

Archie comics Follow Archie and his friends as they deal with teenage life both at home and in school all tangled in a series of troubles and mishaps, none that they cant handle of course.

Astro Boy comics A kid robot who can feel human emotions, Astro boy helps save the city from the perils of human, robots and sometimes even alien invasions.

Bamse childrens comics He is a cuddly brown bear. This popular comic book for kids follows Bamse as he goes throughout the day helping people, defeating villains, making friends, and making sure to drink his grandmas special honey.

Barbie comics Barbie welcomes you in her glamorous world of fashion and friendship. Featuring Ken and Barbies friends, this comic book for kids stresses on the importance of both outer and especially inner beauty.

Calvin and Hobbes comics Follow Calvin and Hobbes adventures as the duo takes on numerous feats. Read in this childrens comics, their innocent yet brave opinions on cultural and political issues.

Chis Sweet Home comics Chi is a small kitten, she was separated from her family while out on a walk. Scared and lost, she was found by Youhei and her mother and was brought to her new family and new home.

Dandy childrens comics He may grace the cover of the comics but Dandy Bellboy is not your main guy. He is placed in this comic book for kids cover to provide readers a preview of a Dandy comics issue.

Disney comics Heart warming tales of fantasy, friendship and love, the main charm to all Disney stories, not to mention loveable characters the kids will sure love.

Jo Zette and Jocko comics Jo, Zette, and Jocko childrens comics. Its story mainly focuses on the adventures of two children, Jo and Zette and their pet monkey Jocko as they try to find their way back home after ending up under the sea, in a mysterious island, and many other unlikely destinations.

Owly graphic novel He is the forest’s most likeable and gentle owl, follow Owly and his friends Wormy and Scrampy as they make friends go about making adventures.

Sonic the Hedgehog comics He is dedicated to protecting the weak, especially his friends and family, Sonic is bound by his duties to fight the menace of Dr. Ivo Robotnik and his evil plans for Mobius.

Teen Titans Go comics Centered on the super powered teens, Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg fights crimes and villains to protect the weak and defend the world from harm.

Treasure chest comics Read about the lives of saints, folks, and heroes; inspirational stories that stresses on the morals and values of Christian living.

Uncle Scrooge comics A comic book for children, Uncle Scrooge depicts a wealthy yet frugal character with a certain stress on materialism and work ethics.

Zig and Wikki graphic novel Armed with a net and stink ray, Zig and Wikki searches planet earth for a pet for school zoo. Good thing the strange planet is home to odd creatures, huge, hungry creatures.

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