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Black Hole comics A bizarre disease is spreading, transmitted sexually and creating horrible mutations to its victims, mostly teens. They become social outcasts, suffering the severity of their alterations.

Dirty Plotte comics Know Julie Doucet`s darkest fantasies, her bizarre imaginations, and the fondness for booze and drugs to keep her sane.

Doofus comics Doofus is a weird man with a knack for trouble. Along with his pal Henry Hotchkiss, the foolish duo wanders around Flowertown, bringing chaos and dirty fun.

Jimmy Corrigan comics Jimmy lives a cheerless life, he has an overbearing mother and a father that he only saw once. Hating his unhappiness, he resorts to his active imagination, leading him to trouble.

Mickey Rat comics He is an amoral antihero who is capable of doing just about any foul deed; Mickey Rat is a character defined by a shallow, opportunistic & crude attitude.

RAW comics Read about sensitive subjects as Raw comics features various series from a whole generation of new cartoonists and comic book creators.

Sin City comics He suffers from a mental illness but that doesn`t stop Marv from being a ruthless protector of the innocents in Sin City, a place consumed by crime, prostitution, and drugs.

Weirdo comics Read a collection of comic stories with insightful subjects; drugs, violence, and other matters that are all summed up to deliver controversial topics.

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Alternative comics

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