Types of comics

Learn how to categorize comics. Information & guide about the different kinds & varities of comic books

different types of comic booksWhat is alternative comics, a comic book genre that emerged in the 1980s. Learn more about this independent comic focused on improving creative, unique, mature comic art and stories.

What is horror comics, comic book classification info on horror comics. Learn about the beginnings of spooky comic books, the value and the best scary comics series.

What is Manga comics, know more of this comic genre that popularized in Japan. Discover the various notable stories and unique art of Japanese manga comic books.

List of superheroes, explore the fascinating world of super-powered beings ready to defend the world. Listing of the top best superheroes comic book characters.

Superheroes history, discover the rise of superhero comics. Look into the creation of the superhero comic book genre that influenced generations of well-known comic characters.

What is a graphic novel, get a better understanding of the graphic novel genre. Know important characteristics that discern illustrated novels from custom comic books.

Top 10 graphic novels, What are the best and most popular graphic novels? Discover ten classic and famous illustrated novels that earned notable & award-winning recognition.

Online graphic novels info, what is an online graphic novel? Gather basic facts about internet graphic novels, the best web based illustrated novels, how and where to read them.

Top 10 comic book villains, what are the 10 greatest comic books super villain characters? Check out our list of the most vicious and dangerous comic archenemies of all time.

Top 10 DC comics, what are the most popular DC comics of all time? Check out our list of the ten greatest and most read DC comic books.

Greatest marvel comics, what are the top ten Marvel comics ever? Find out the most celebrated and sought after marvel comic books of all time.

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Types of comics

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