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Edgar Church Collection

This is the most outstanding vintage comic book collection ever discovered in the history of comics. Discovered in 1977 in Denver, Colorado, the collection contains over 22,000 well preserved old comic books in high grade. The collection was originally owned by Edgar Church.

Embossed Cover

It refers to a comic with a raised design or created with a raised pattern on its cover.


This means the sealing or slabbing of certified comic books in a protective case or sleeve for optimal protection.

Eye Appeal

The term is used to describe the appearance of a comic book.


Letter F



The term refers to a publication created by an amateur fan.


It stands for Front Cover.

File Copy

This refers to a high grade comic book from the file of a publisher or from a professional in the field such as comic book writers and artists.

First Appearance

This means the premier or introduction of a character in a comic book story.


It refers to an earlier event being recalled.

Foil Cover

This refers to a cover of a comic book that has a metallic foil hot stamped onto it.

Four Color

Comic books are printed in four colors: black and the three primary colors. Four Color may also refer to a comic book series published by Dell Comics.

Four Color Process

This refers to the process of printing the comics with the use of black and the three primary colors such red, yellow, and blue.


This refers to a system of illustrating a comic book story, which was popularized by DC Comics in late 1930s, in which colored film frames were used.


This pertains to a tiny flaw in a comic book characterized by orange-brown discoloration spots, which is caused by mold.

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Letter E - F

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