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Letter V

Variant Cover

This refers to a different artwork or image that is used on the cover of the same comic book issue.

Very Rare

This refers to certain comic books that are highly priced because of its scarcity. The Official Overstreet Comic Book Companion suggests that a comic book is very rare if there is only 1 to 10 copies existed.

Victorian Age

Comic books published from circa 1828 to 1899.


Letter W

Want List

This pertains to the list of comic books that is most wanted by a buyer or collector.

Warehouse Copy

The term applies to a comic book that came originally from a publisher’s warehouse. Warehouse Copy is also similar to File Copy.


The term applies to comics that are published online or appeared on the Internet.

White Mountain Collection

This refers to a comic book collection found in White Mountain, New England. The White Mountain collection comprises of 1950s and 1960s comic books in high grade.


Letter X


It stands for Crossover.


Letter Z


It stands for Fanzine.

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Letter V - Z

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