Letter S


It stands for Simon and Kirby, or Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

Saddle Stitch

This refers to a type of comic book binding by using staple.

San Francisco Collection

Kindly refer to Reilly, Tom collection.


This pertains to hard to find comic books.

Seduction of the Innocent

This is a title of a book that appeared in 1953 and written by Dr. Frederic Wertham. The author said in the book that comics were the cause of crimes committed by teenagers in America.


This means (a) a complete run of a comic book series, and (b) a group of comic books.


This refers to those comic books that are published at least twice a month.

Sewn Spine

This refers to a defect characterized by spine perforations.


It stands for Science Fiction.

Silver Age

Comic books published from 1956 to 1969, which saw a period of a major commercial breakthrough in American mainstream comic books, as well as of artistic advancement in the medium.

Silver Proof

This refers to a print painted by the artist with marks to guide the engraver.


This refers to a protective container, usually a plastic, which encapsulates a comic book after certifying it.


This refers to a process of certifying and encapsulating a comic book in a slab.


It stands for Seduction of the Innocent.


This refers to the left side edge of a comic book that has been folded and glued or stapled.

Spine Roll

This refers to a defect in a comic book resulted from mishandling or not storing the comic in a proper way. Spine Roll is characterized by uneven pages and a bowed spine.

Spine Split Sealed

This refers to a procedure wherein a spine split is sealed with an adhesive.

Splash Page

The term refers to an oversized splash panel found in a comic.

Splash Panel

It contains the title and credits of the comic book story.

Square Back or Square Bound

Kindly refer to Perfect Binding.

Store Stamp

The term refers to the name of the store that is marked or stamped on the cover.

Stress Lines

The term describes a defect in comic book caused by mishandling and is characterized by bend, fold, or wrinkle marks.

Subscription Copy

This refers to a comic book that is sent directly through mail from the publisher.

Subscription Crease

This refers to a defect resulted from careless handling of the comic when shipping it through subscription. Subscription Crease is characterized by folded or wrinkled line in a comic that also caused a removal of some ink.

Subscription Fold

This refers to a defect in a comic caused by mishandling when shipping the comic through subscription. Subscription Fold differs from Subscription Crease as the former is characterized by a fold in a comic but no ink is removed.

Sun Shadow

The term describes the defect in a comic book caused by too much exposure to light. Sun Shadow is characterized by dark stripes at the edge of a comic book.


The term applies to a costumed hero or a crime fighter endowed with superhuman powers and abilities.


The term applies to a costumed criminal with superhuman powers and abilities.


This refers to a story that is copied or plagiarized from originally published stories.

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Letter S

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