Letter P


It stands for art pencils.

Painted Cover

A comic book cover designed with a painting rather than a line drawing.


The term refers to the study of comics as an art.


A person who studies comics as a medium and an art form.


It refers to a person who collects comic books.

Paper Cover

It refers to a cover of a comic book that is made from the same paper used for its pages.

Parade of Pleasure

It refers to a book that talks about comics and censorship.


It stands for Paperback.


It pertains to a well-known high grade comic book collection such as the Lamont Larson Collection, Edgar Church Collection, Cosmic Aeroplane, and some others.


It refers to a comic book artist who does the line drawing for the comic.

Perfect Binding

Also known as Square Bound or Square Back, Perfect Binding has the pages of a comic book glued to the cover rather than just stapled.


It stands for Page.


It stands for Professional Grading eXperts, LLC, which offers professional comic book grading services.

Photo Cover

It refers to a cover of a comic book that is designed with a photographic image rather than a line drawing or actual painting.

Piece Replacement

It refers to a process of replacing a missing piece in a certain comic.

Pioneer Age

This refers to the earliest comics published from the 16th century up to early 19th century.

Platinum Age

It refers to the comics that appeared from 1883 to 1938.


It refers to a type of plastic once used to store comic books. Polypropalene is no longer recommended for storage of comics because of some elements found in the material that are harmful to the comic books.


It stands for Parade of Pleasure.


It refers to comic books that are published since the time, specifically in February 1955, the Comics Code Authority (CCA) seal came into use.


It refers to a comic book collection found in Poughkeepsie, New York. The remarkable collection is composed of file copies of Dell Comics.


It stands for Pages.


It refers to comic books that were published prior to the use of Comics Code Authority seal.

Pre-hero DC

This pertains to those comic books published by DC Comics before the appearance of Spectre in More Fun comics, prior to the premier of Sandman in Adventure comics, and the introduction of Batman in Detective comics.

Pre-hero Marvel

This pertains to those comic books published by Marvel Comics before the appearance of Human Torch in Strange Tales comics, prior to the premier of Thor in Journey Into Mystery comics, and the introduction of Iron Man in Tales of Suspense comics.


A delicate process of conserving a comic book with the goal keeping its present physical condition and maintaining it carefully so as to avoid any form of deterioration. This is also a synonym of Conservation.


It refers to a delicate process of getting rid of wrinkles, bends and other flaws found in a comic book that can be eliminated through pressing. However, this is not recommended as pressing in most cases may result to more damage to the comic book rather than improving its appearance.

Price Variant

It refers to those comics that have a different cover price than their usual cover price from the previous series.

Printing/Manufacturing Defect

It pertains to those defects (such as badly cut pages or edges, misfolded, et cetera) found in the comics that are caused by a defective machine used during printing.

Prism Cover

It refers to a cover of a comic book designed with a 3-D picture.


This pertains to a certain situation when the previous comic book owner is famous or well-known and is duly noted to verify the authenticity of the book’s history of ownership.


This refers to those magazines that are made of pulp or a low grade material.

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