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Magic Lightning Collection

A comic book collection found in San Francisco, California. Magic Lighting Collection consists of remarkable copies of high grade comic books in 1950s.


This refers to a unique sort of comics developed in Japan. The term manga literally translates to “comic book”. Manga may also pertain to some comic art styles that are influenced from the original Japanese manga.

Marvel Chipping

The term refers to a bindery or trimming defect characterized by tears or chips on the comic’s edges caused by a dull paper cutter, which had unfortunately occurred during 1950s to 1960s and been done often, or more infamously, by Marvel Comics.

Mile High Collection

It refers to a vast collection of high grade vintage comic books originally owned by Edgar Church. For more details, kindly refer to Edgar Church Collection.

Modern Age

Comic books that are published from the mid-1980s to present are generally considered as Modern Age comics. However, some scholars suggest that Modern Age is a catch-all concept that encompasses those comic books that are published since 1992.


A thin strong film used as a protective sleeve or bag to store comic books.


Letter N


It stands for No Date.


It stands for No Number.

No Date

It refers to a comic book that has no date indicated on the cover.

No Number

It refers to a comic book that has no number indicated on the cover. Such a case is usually seen in one-shot issues.

N.Y. Legis. Comm.

It stands for New York Legislative Committee that conducts a study on the Publication of Comics.


Letter O


It refers to a comic book that is published once or only has one single issue.


It relates the beginning or the story of how a particular character was created.

Over Guide

It refers to a comic book that is priced over the Guide catalog.

Oxidation Shadow

A defect usually found on a comic’s edges resulted from exposure to air or other elements.

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