Letter J - L

Letter J


It stands for Justice League of America.


It stands for Justice Society of America.


Letter K

Key/Key Book or Key Issue

This refers to a highly important comic book issue such as the debut of a popular superhero or a team of superheroes.


Letter L


This refers to the displayed information inside a certified comic book showing the title, grade, issue number, publisher, some comments about the key issue, and sometimes about the artists, creators, and writers.

Lamont Larson

This refers to a pedigreed comic book collection owned by a man named Lamont Larson. This highly remarkable vintage collection of comics from 1936 to 1940s remains one of the earliest and most impressive pedigrees today, containing some of the rarest comic books in the Golden Age.

Lenticular Covers or Flicker Covers

A cover of a comic book designed with images that move when tilted at different angles.

Letter Col or Letter Column

This refers to a special feature in a comic that accommodates to the readers’ letters.

Line Drawn Cover

A comic book cover that is drawn traditionally in which the inker overdrawn the penciler’s sketches, and then finally colored.


The term refers to the title of a comic book or a comic strip that appears on the cover.


It stands for Legion of Super-Heroes.

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Letter J - L

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