Letter C


This refers to a short appearance of a character in a comic.

Canadian Issue

This pertains to the comics that are printed, sometimes without advertisements, for Canadian readers or for distribution in Canada.


It stands for Comics Code Authority.

CCA Seal

The Comics Code Authority seal introduced originally in 1955. The small emblem is put on the comics signifying the approval of the Comics Code Authority.

Census Report

A list of CGC graded comics that indicates the scarcity of the comic books as well as of the grade.

Center Crease

The term describes the condition of a comic which is considered as a defect. Please refer also to Subscription Crease.

Centerfold or Center Spread

It refers to stapled center of the comics.


This refers to a professional assessment of a comic book in order to provide the buyer or collector a comprehensive guide to the merits, flaws, or other characteristics pertaining to the integrity of the comic under scrutiny.

Certified Grading

A meticulous process done by experts on comic book grading to ascertain and certify the condition of a certain comic before sealing it in a protective sleeve.


It stands for Centerfold.


It stands for Centerfold Out.


This is an abbreviation for Certified Guaranty Company, a highly regarded comic book grading service.


The term is an acronym that stands for Comic Grading Group, the former name of the comic book grading company, Professional Grading eXperts or PGX.

Chromium Cover

A special foil usually used on limited edition comic book covers.

Circulation Copy

Kindly refer to Subscription Copy.

Circulation Fold

This describes the fold, which is considered a defect, resulting from careless handling of the comics when shipping.

Classic Cover

This refers to those comic book covers that are highly recognizable and prized by the comic book collecting community because of their artwork, historical importance, excellent features, and other special attributes.


This means the act of removing dirt or dust from the comics.

Color Touch

This refers to a restoration technique using matching inks or similar materials to hide or cover the missing color parts of a comic.


A comic artist who does the painting of colors on the drawing, which can be done manually or by using computer technology.

Comic Book Dealer

A person who buys and sells comics.

Comic Book Repair

The term concerns about that process of restoring, mending, or repairing a loose staple or a tear of a comic using a tape, glue, or other similar materials. However, comic book repair is considered as a defect.

Comic Book Restoration

It refers to an attempt to enhance the appearance of a comic. However, just like repair, comic book restoration is also considered a defect.

Comics Code Authority

Also known as CCA, Comics Code Authority is a special committee that was founded in 1954 to set the rules and regulations for comic book contents and art works.

Complete Run

This comprises of all issues of a particular comic book title.


A gathering or convention of comic book enthusiasts, dealers, graders, and artists, and where they can also swap, buy or sell comics.


This concerns primarily with the physical state of a comic, and may also mean its grade describing the state of preservation of a particular comic book.


A careful process of preserving a comic book with an aim of maintaining its present physical condition and protecting it from any further deterioration.

Copper Age

Comic books published from 1984 to 1992, characterized by fictional characters who are psychologically complex and with darker personalities such as Watchmen and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. The age saw also the flourishing of independent comic publishers and the mainstream comics were more commercialized.

Cosmic Aeroplane Collection

A collection of 1930s-40s comics found in Salt City and sold to Cosmic Aeroplane Bookstore. The rare comic book collection, which is rumored to be around 2500 copies, comprises of moderately grade to highly grade comics with pencil checkmarks and notations on their pages.

Costumed Hero

A comic book crime fighter donning a costume with naturally developed high skills and human capabilities other than endowed super powers.

Coupon Cut or Coupon Missing

This refers to a comic book minus a coupon which had been removed or cut out neatly.

Cover Detached

A comic cover which is detached from the book’s interior.

Cover Gloss

A shiny or luster cover inks used to enhance the appearance of a comic book cover.

Cover Trimmed

The edge of a cover cut neatly to enhance its appearance.


This refers to a comic book without a cover.


It stands for Cleaned and Pressed.


This refers to a heavy fold that results to a white line or an ink removal on a comic.


The term refers to a particular comic book that features one or more characters from another comic book title.


It stands for Cover.

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