Letter B


It stands for Black and White comic art.

Back-up Feature

The term refers to a character or another story featured in a comic book aside from the main story. Back-up feature is usually not indicated on the cover.

Bad Girl Art

Coined in the 90s, Bad Girl Art is used to describe a comic art style that depicts women in a sexual and usually action-packed comic book series.

Baxter Paper

A top-notch quality of paper used in printing comic books.


It stands for Back Cover.


A comic book series published every two months.


A comic book series published every two weeks.

Bondage Cover

Refers to a cover that portrays a character in restraints or bondage.

Bound Copy

A comic bound into a book.

British Issue

Comic books that are printed for British readers or for sole distribution in United Kingdom with the price in pence or pounds rather than cents or dollars as indicated on the covers.


The term refers to the deteriorating condition of a paper to the point of falling apart when not handled very carefully.

Bronze Age

Comic books published from 1970 to 1984, characterized by bright color superhero titles and dark storylines depicting real-life issues such as drug use and violence.


The term describes the condition of a paper characterized by darkening almost to the stage of brittleness.

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Letter B

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