Letter H - I

Letter H


It stands for Hardcover.


A euphemism with sexual connotation, which refers specifically to a woman’s breasts depicted on a comic book cover.

Hologram Cover

A comic book with 3-dimentional image designed on the cover.

Hot Stamping

This pertains to that procedure of pressing the foil, prism paper, and inks onto the cover of a comic.


It stands for Highest Reorder Number in reference to a method used in keeping track of a certain collection.


Letter I


It stands for Illustration.


This is a synonym for Color Touch.


This refers to the general information about a certain comic book that includes issue number, title, date, and publisher. Indicia can be found usually on the first page or inside the front page.

Infinity Cover

A comic book cover showing a picture within the same picture, within the same picture, within the same picture over and over again.


This refers to a comic book artist who lays down the inks.


The term has the same meaning with Debut or First Appearance.

Investment Grade Copy

A particular comic book with a very fine grade or condition and is presently in demand.

Issue Number

This refers to the number of the edition of a particular comic book title.


It stands for Issue.

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Letter H - I

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