Letter Q - R

Letter Q


This refers to the label “Qualified” used by CGC for certified comic books that have some significant flaws.


This refers to those comic books that are published four times a year.


Letter R


It stands for Reprint.


This may refer to certain comics that are highly valued because of its scarcity. The Official Overstreet Comic Book Companion suggests that a comic book is considered rare if there is only 10 to 20 copies existed.

Rat Chew

It refers to a damage found in a comic book caused by gnawing rats.


It stands for Rockets Blast Comic Collector.

Reading Copy

This term is used in comic book grading referring to the condition of a certain comic, which is in between Fair and Good.

Reading Crease

It refers to a defect resulted from mishandling of readers when opening the pages of a comic book.

Reilly, Tom

This refers to a remarkable comic book collection owned by Tom Reilly. Tom was a rabid collector of comics in late 1930s when he was drafted into the Army. He told his family to keep buying comics for him till his return from the war. He was killed and his large collection of 1939 to 1945 vintage comic books was sealed up in his room for many years.


This refers to a certain procedure wherein a split cover or page of a comic is reinforced with adhesive and paper.

Reprint Comics

It refers to those comic books that had been originally appeared in old comics or had been published in newspaper comic strips.


This refers to a process of enhancing or improving the appearance of a comic book. However, except perhaps a simple cleaning of the comic, any other kind of restoration is not recommended as it reduces the value of the comic book rather than increasing it.


This pertains to a comic book issue or a comic book character that reappears after a time of obscurity.


This refers to an outstanding comic book collection found in Rockford, Illinois. The Rockford pedigree contains over 2000 high grade comic books in the 1940s.

Rolled Spine

This is a defect in a comic book resulted from mishandling of the comic while reading or careless storing.

Round Bound

This refers to a typical comic book binding used in most comics.


This pertains to all the comic book issues of a single title. Kindly refer also to Complete Run.

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Letter Q - R

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