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The importance of knowing the terms and definitions used in collecting comics

Comics collectionFamiliarizing the terms used in comics is essential. It is the key to understanding the hobby of comic book collecting, or any hobby that involves collecting valuables and antiquity, and dealing with people in the comics industry with success.

The intricacy of comic book collecting language

There is a special language that has developed in every field of interest. The lexicon of comics has its own intricate stock of vocabularies that you need to acquaint yourself if you want to go far as a pannapictagraphist, or even a scholar in Panelology.

There are certain terms that if you do not know about may expose you to some scams, especially with the growing industry of comics online auction, as well as buying and selling comics through the Internet.

Here are quick tips on how to use this comic book glossary:

•    Check out the terms and definitions used in comic book grading
•    Learn the different types of comic arts and forms
•    Familiarize pedigree comic book collections
•    Know the different types of comics and publication dates
•    Be acquainted with common terms used in comic book collecting

Terms and definitions in comic book grading

If there is one important thing you should know immediately, then comic book grading comes first. Grading refers to the condition of a comic book. Knowing the comic book grading terminologies and meanings will lead you to become conscious and more careful when handling comics.

With proper handling of comics, you are preserving its potential value for the future. It is very important then to check out terms such as Subscription Crease, Gem Mint, Certified, CGC, Mylar, and other terms.

Assorted comic collectionLearn the types of comic arts and forms

Take some time to browse the glossary and learn the different types of comics and forms used by professional artists in the field. This can help you decide which comics you really like and that also suit best to your style and personality.

Familiarize pedigree comic book collections

We include in the comics glossary some of the most remarkable pedigrees comic book collections ever discovered. With some familiarity of the said pedigrees, you will be able to spot easily if you see one of missing comic that belong to one of the collections.

Know different types of comics and publication dates

Read on the list the types of comics and decide which you prefer the best for your personal collection. Learn also the various publication dates that each particular comic book would appear in a year. Is it Bi-monthly or Annually?

Common terms used in comic book collecting

It is very important to be acquainted with common terms used in collecting comics. Check out terms or abbreviations and what they stand for. You will be amazed to find out lots of terms that you are not much familiar about, much more knowing their real meaning as used today in comic book collecting community.

Equipping yourself with knowledge that our list of comics terminology can give may prove, not just very helpful to you, but also protect you from falling into scams or bad dealers. With that said, browse the list of comics terms found in our glossary that is arranged alphabetically for your convenience.

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Comics glossary, terms & dictionary

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