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Adult Material

The term refers to a comic book that contains arts, illustrations, content or story line that are suitable for mature readers. Adult Material comics feature drug use, sex, strong language, and violence.


This refers to a magazine created primarily for comics advertisements.

Allentown Collection

A highly regarded comic book collection found in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in 1987-1988. The collection contains of Golden Age comics that are graded highly.

Alternative Comics

This refers to a type of comics that was formed in 1980s as an offshoot of the underground comix movement. Alternative comic book offers a great option to more established or mainstream superhero comics or other financially successful styles and genres, which have dominated the industry.


This refers to a Japanese term for “animation”, which is characterized by Japanese colorful art style usually depicting adult themes. Anime comprises various genres that are either an adaptation from a manga or made into a manga form.


Means a comic book that is published once a year, or may also refer to a comic book that comes in perfect bound or square back.


This is a description used by comic book graders indicating an evidence of repair or restoration found in a comic.

Arrival Date

The date that is marked or written on the cover of a comic by the newsstand dealer or distributor, signifying the time when the comic book was displayed on the newsstand. Depending on the location of a particular dealer, the arrival date may differ from one place to another.


A prepublication comic book issue, or may also mean a promotional issue of a new comic title, produced by publishers for potential advertisers and readers.

Atom Age

Comic books published from 1946to 1956, dubbed as the Atom Age.

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