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Letter T

Tear Seals

This refers to a procedure applied to a tear which is sealed with an adhesive.

Text Illo

The term refers to an illustration in a story which has not almost used a text balloon.

Text Page

This refers to a page without a panel or drawing.

Text Story

This refers to a comic book story that uses very few illustrations, which was very common during the earliest time of comics.

3-D Comic

This refers to a comic art designed with two color layers to produce a desired three-dimensional effect when seen through specially designed 3-D glasses.

3-D Effect Comic

This refers to a comic art specially designed to create a 3-D effect, but just the effect and not really 3-D Comic.


This refers to the different types of services provided by CGC based on time, comic book value, and age of the comic.


It refers to the name of a comic book.

Title Page

This refers to the title of the story usually found on the first page of a comic.


This refers to a procedure in which the edge of the cover is carefully cut to enhance the appeal of a comic book.


It stands for Tales To Astonish.


Letter U


It stands for United Kingdom or British edition.

Under Guide

It refers to a comic book that is priced under the Guide catalog.


This refers to a process of obtaining another copy of the same comic that is graded higher.

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Letter T - U

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