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The term refers to a person who sells or buys comics for a living. Or see Comic Book Dealer.


This refers to a procedure consisting of several levels or processes in order to reduce the acid in a comic book’s paper.


The premier or the first appearance of a comic book character.


Any damage or flaw in a comic book that diminishes its pristine quality, and eventually reduces its value.

Denver Collection

A collection of very rare comics found in Denver, Colorado. The collection is an astonishing one as it comprises of only #1 issues from 1938 to 1944, which are 153 in all that include Green Lantern #1, All-Select #1, Sensation #1, among others. Denver Collection contains several of the highest CGC graded copies and half of them are rated the rarest and the best in the world.


A special paper used by professionals to preserve a comic by reducing the contaminants.

Die-cut Cover

A special cutting process on a comic book cover designed to create a desired effect or shape.

Distributor Stripes

A coding system, which involves color ink sprayed or painted on the comics’ edges, used by distributors or wholesalers to keep track of the comic books properly. Note: Distributor Stripes are considered not a defect by comic book graders.


It refers to a duplicate copy of the same comic.

Double Cover

It refers to a comic book with two covers, which is actually a mistake during its manufacturing process resulting to the two covers stapled to the comic. This inadvertent fault, however, serves well to the comic book as it helps to preserve the other cover from damage, making a Double Cover comic book more desirable to collectors, which increases its value.

Drug Propaganda Story

It refers to a comic book that criticizes the use or abuse of drugs through its story.

Drug Use Story

It refers to a comic book that chronicles the use of drugs and its effects to the user.

Dry Cleaning

This refers to a process of removing dust and dirt.


Comic books are printed in two colors: black and other color. This kind of printing was used commonly in 1930s.

Dust Shadow

It refers to a particular part of a comic book where a dark stripe is visible resulted from exposure to dust.

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Letter D

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