Comic book characters Letter T

Tales from the Crypt comics A horror comics that compiles several fearsome narrations and horror tales told by the infamous Crypt Keeper.

Tarkan comics Follow the adventures of a mighty warrior and his dog. Tarkan and his loyal companion Kurt are on a mission to save a damsel from the vicious Turkish Vikings.

Teen Titans Go comics A team of super powered teens, Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy battles rising super villains and save the world.

The Adventures of Dr McNinja comics A cliché ninja with superhero skills, Dr. McNinja has superhuman skills, speed and abilities hidden behind an upright lab coat and a stethoscope.

The Big Book of Martyrs comics Read about the tales and true stories of the most popular and less known saints who have chosen persecution, even death rather than surrender their faiths and beliefs.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics A menagerie of legendary adventurers sets off to reclaim an anti gravity element. Composed of great and unique individuals, the league is ready to serve and answer to England’s call.

The Meek graphic novel Follow the adventures of Angora, a young inexperienced girl armed with her instincts and unexplainable power as she is sent on a quest to save the world.

The Phoenix Requiem graphic novel A Victorian inspired, supernatural fantasy tale; The Phoenix Requiem tells a story of faith, love, and death, good and bad, and all the other things we believe in.

Tomb of Dracula comics Follow Count Dracula as he unleashes terror and fear to man. Feared by many, Dracula roams the world with an inevitable thirst for blood and power.

Transmetropolitan comics Spider Jerusalem is a gonzo journalist, an investigative reporter, after years of self imposed exile he was forced to return to the job he hates and to a city he loathes.

Treasure chest comics A collection of inspirational stories centered on the values and beliefs of Catholic living. Treasure chest narrates various topics; folk heroes, saints, kids, and even sports.

Twokinds comics When racial tension heats between the humans and the Keidran, Trace Legacy & Flora find themselves trapped between a world in the brink of another war.

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Comic book characters Letter T

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